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Spiritual Exercise of the Week

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Consultation with the Master

Visualize yourself sitting in a large room, waiting for a consultation with the Mahanta. As you wait, look about the room. Note the furniture you're sitting in and other pieces about you. There are several ECKists around you that you may recognize and chat with a bit before you are told that you can go in.

The door opens, and you see yourself go into the inner room and meet the Mahanta. You have about fifteen or twenty minutes to talk about whatever you want, before a knock will come on the door to signal that you have a few more minutes to wrap it up. Then the door will open, and someone will say, "It's been nice you could be here," and escort you out. Another person is then led into the room.

By practicing this exercise, you can arrange this private time to meet with the Mahanta on the inner planes.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

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