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The Dream Dictionary

During important times in my life, one of the dream symbols I used to see was a field with a regular-sized baseball diamond. When everything on the field was aligned and in proper order—four bases evenly spaced, a pitcher, a batter, and two opposing teams—it meant that my life was in good order.

But sometimes the bases were at odd distances apart or the base path wasn't in a perfect square. Or the ball I'd hit might pop and blow feathers all over the place. Or I'd have to run into the woods to find first base. Second base might be closer in than usual; third base might be off in another direction entirely. In other words, everything about the game was wrong.

When I'd wake up after a dream like that, I'd often notice that something in my outer life wasn't going right. The sport had gone out of it. There wasn't any fun in it.

This was an indication for me to sit down and work out a plan to reorganize. In other words, I had to figure out how to get myself a real baseball field again—proper space between bases, correct number of players on each team, and so on.

Creating a dream dictionary can help you become familiar with your own dream symbols. Whether a baseball diamond, a bear, an eagle, or anything else, you'll know immediately what a particular symbol means to you.

In a section at the back of your dream journal, keep a list of the symbols that occur in your dreams. As you create your own dream dictionary of symbols, record the date next to the meaning of each symbol. This way you can keep track as the meaning changes. As you unfold, your dream symbols are going to take on different meanings, a fact not generally known by people who study dreams.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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