Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God

Spiritual Exercise of the Week

The Surat Technique

Sit comfortably. Put both hands in your lap, fingers interlaced with palms up, then place your attention on the Tisra Til, the Spiritual Eye.

Take five deep breaths and begin chanting the word HU, the universal name of God. For this exercise, chant it in two syllables, as H-U, and sing it in a long, drawn-out manner. After some time has elapsed, take five more deep breaths and continue softly chanting HU. Keep your attention fixed on the Tisra Til. Don't try to see anything, just hold it there.

After a while, again repeat the five deep breaths, bringing the total to fifteen. Following this, slow down your chanting until it is very, very slow. Begin to listen to what you are singing. Chant slower still, until you stop completely. Switch your attention to listening to the esoteric sounds as the word HU rolls through you. It starts vibrating like a machine. You may even shake, but don't let this frighten you.

Very soon you'll begin to hear a humming sound in the back of your head, spreading out to your body, until you become a part of the sound. Then various parts of the ECK melody will start. Sometimes it is the roaring of a waterfall. Other times it is the sound of violins or flutes.

This means you are somewhere on the far planes of the higher worlds, beyond the Fifth, or Soul, Plane, traveling in the Soul body in the realms of God.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

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