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Spiritual Exercise of the Week

Monkeys of the Mind

You can work with the imagination not only on the inner planes but out here too. For instance, if you see a dog coming down the street who looks as if he would like to bite you, visualize a loving situation. Keep your attention on loving the dog—petting him, playing—with him, and scratching him behind his ears. It's a good spiritual exercise, and it may also keep his teeth marks off you. Of course, it never hurts to give him a wide berth too.

The same principle can be used on the inner planes when your mind jumps around. You can visualize your thoughts as monkeys jumping around and see what you can do to make them calm down instead of being mischievous. You're working with an imaginative technique here, which gives you a multitude of possibilities.

Visualize a door that you want to walk through, but you can't because the monkeys are jumping all around in front of it. Say to yourself, I've got to get the monkeys quieted down, and then I can go through the door and enter into the worlds of Light and Sound.

Give the monkeys bright, attractive little toys with bells, or feed them bananas. You can get so involved in quieting the monkeys of the mind that you'll find you're enjoying yourself. Soul is now expressing Itself.

As soon as you get them settled down, make a dash for the door. On the other side is the pure golden Light of God. Know that the Master is there. He's saying to you, "I'm here whenever you can get past the monkeys."

The monkeys of the mind are merely the guardians of the door. They'll do everything possible to keep you from going through. Once you figure out a way to calm them down, then you're ready to go beyond into the inner worlds.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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