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Special Event: Seminar Talk by Spiritual Leader

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Video Broadcast Test

Before you sign up for Sri Harold Klemp's talk via internet video broadcast, test your computer setup and software to determine whether you can receive the video broadcast on your computer.


If you can see and hear the sample video by clicking the play button (play button) below, you are ready to receive the video broadcast. This should work on newer computers, including mobile devices, which support the HTML5 standard of .mp4.

Additional Information

Your next step is to sign up, make your payment, and receive your user name and password.

Video quality: Video quality may vary with the quality of and traffic on your high-speed Internet connection.

If you watch the broadcast video on a computer monitor it will look better than projecting it onto a large screen.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Some ISPs and Web browsers automatically disconnect users if no activity is detected for a specified time (varies widely). If you are disconnected during a broadcast, please contact your ISP or browser manufacturer to resolve the issue. Eckankar has no control over the duration of your connection.

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