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Getting Answers from God through Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

By Sri Harold Klemp

Most all his life, a certain man harbored a stubborn fear of life. This fear robbed him of happiness and vitality, often leaving him angry and full of self-pity. He couldn't understand it or break its hold.

Years later, he became a member of Eckankar. His outlook on living improved in many ways after that time, but this fear of life remained at the borders of his consciousness, always ready to pour water upon the fires of his hopes and dreams. Then one day, he finally learned the reason for that haunting fear.

Past Lives

An Eckankar seminar near his home featured a HU Chant on Sunday morning before the regular program.

A HU Chant is a spiritual exercise. For a half hour or so, a group of people sing HU, an ancient name for God. It is a strikingly beautiful song, much like a Gregorian chant sung by a large group of singers.

Early that Sunday morning, about three or four o'clock, he had a dim memory of a dream about the ancient Mayans and a past life he had spent as one. But he fell asleep again and forgot the details.

At seven-thirty he arose, dressed, and traveled about forty minutes to the seminar. He put his attention upon "the Mayan thing" during the HU Chant.

His Spiritual Eye opened.

A past-life recall told him of another lifetime when he was a young woman among the Mayans. In that life, she was very beautiful. The beauty came of her intense love for life, which brought happiness and joy to everyone who knew her. Her very atoms breathed this exultation.

Unfortunately, her beauty also caught the attention of the temple priest, who always kept an eye out for human sacrifice worthy of the Mayan god whose stone image sat with cupped hands before the temple. The priest cut out her heart while it was still beating.

This man, looking back on that lifetime as a beautiful woman, now knew the reason for his fear of life.

Never since had he been able to recapture such a love of life. But he also realized the reason he had come to Eckankar—a chance to restore that love to his life. Yet the old fear always lurked in the shadows. All his life, he had the instinctive feeling a fatal blow would strike him if he ever again loved too much.

Singing HU had opened his heart to God.

In some way, God's love will open our hearts so that we have the courage to face the darkest secrets from our past.

God speaks to us through past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel. The above example illustrates how Divine Spirit, the Voice of God, told him the reason for his long-standing fear of life.


The play of karma underlies all human relationships.

In this next story, a young man gets to balance the scales of justice from the past. He needed to repay a victim from a previous life, but the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master (the spiritual leader of Eckankar today) sent a dream to prepare him for the necessary, though painful experience.

Nick, a name we'll use to insure his privacy, had a dream in which a beautiful young woman came to the office. She was trying to use the phone on his manager's desk. Nick and the girl felt an immediate attraction for each other in the dream, and soon they began a passionate romance. But, to his frustration, it led nowhere.

Then he awoke.

Some weeks later, a young student came to the office to get work experience. Nick loved her from the start. He did everything in his power to win her heart, but she coyly brushed aside his passion with promises. Later, always later. Soon everyone in the office was talking about their relationship.

Then the sky fell in.

Through the office grapevine, Nick learned that this young woman had been having a secret love affair with his best friend at work. It had begun nearly the first week that she had arrived there. Worse, Nick had set the stage. One night that first week he had to work late, so he asked his good friend to take her home. That was the beginning of the end.

Only the ECK, Divine Spirit, kept Nick from losing his mind when he learned of the secret love affair. But he turned sour on life. Why had this beautiful young woman come—to purposely bring him grief?

In his anxiety and anger, he even forgot about the spiritual love of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

Then came a second dream. The Mahanta took him on the Time Track and showed him a past life in which he had been a woman. Married to a wealthy man, this individual had two house servants, both of whom suffered due to Nick's misuse of position and authority. One was this student.

"You made that karma," the Mahanta explained. "That debt stands between you and God's love. Pay now and be done with it."

In the end, Nick recognized the hand of karma and the long, outstanding debt that he needed to settle. It took awhile for the crushing pain to subside, of course, but now he's happy he settled the debt. After the pain had finally gone, Nick felt a new sense of freedom and lightness. God's love could now shine more directly into his heart. That obstructing block of karmic debt was gone.

Dreams are thus a second way that we get answers from God.

Soul Travel

What is Soul Travel?

Soul Travel is a more direct, conscious way to transcend the human consciousness in order to hear God speak through Its voice, the Holy Spirit. Most saints in history knew this ancient science of Soul Travel. They used it often during their prayers or meditations.

A very new member of ECK, Melissa (a pseudonym), did the Spiritual Exercises of ECK every day during her first two months of studying the ECK discourses. These are monthly lessons in the spiritual works that the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master usually sends to ECKists for the expansion of consciousness. Most discourses have a special exercise each month.

Melissa went into contemplation before going to bed. The Light of God filled her Spiritual Eye, and a few notes of music (the Sound of God) followed.

Then came the sound of rushing air or wind. She was moving in her true spiritual form, the Soul body. But suddenly doubt and fear filled her heart. A former Pentecostal, she immediately called out the name of Jesus. Things started to go in reverse. Where once she had moved forward, she was now traveling backward in the spiritual worlds.

Quickly, she caught herself.

Melissa told herself that she would put her complete faith and trust in the Mahanta. Again she moved forward. The lesson gained from this Soul Travel experience was that if she placed her trust in anyone other than the Mahanta, she would indeed regress instead of moving forward spiritually.

That is an example of Soul Travel. It was God's way of telling Melissa that it was time for her to move on to the high spiritual teachings of ECK. She had graduated from the primary schools of religion. Now it was time to return home to God.

Past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel are all part of Eckankar. They can help open your spiritual ears to the divine love that surrounds you every minute of every day.

Look into the ECK teachings. You will find they are charged with the energy of life and love. Those qualities can be yours too.


Excerpted from the 1996 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 1995 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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