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God Loves Pets Too

By Sri Harold Klemp

Nowhere is God's love closer to us than in the company of our pets. That is a bold statement. Since there is no record on file anywhere with such a quote from God, a lot of people have the mistaken idea that only they have the honor and privilege of being Souls. But pet lovers know better.

It is an ECK principle that Soul comes to earth in many different states of consciousness—and even in many different body forms. And God loves us all.

Soul exists because God loves It.

While no one can offer indisputable evidence of that love by pulling a quote from some holy text, the proof is in the pudding. God's love is all encompassing. There is plenty to go around to all creatures.

The stories that follow only include cats, dogs, and turtles to demonstrate that divine love. But don't fret. God's love also includes birds, fish, reptiles, wild animals, and even insects and smaller creatures still.

Lost Collies Come in a Dream

One night a sales representative named Niki had a dream. It was about two collies. Her recollection of the dream was a bit garbled the next morning, but she dutifully wrote down as much of it as she could remember. Then she went about her life as usual.

At the dinner table the next day, Niki was surprised when two collies came to the kitchen door. She recognized them immediately.

They were the collies in her dream.

Except for that dream, she might have sent them on their way, thinking that they were simply exploring the neighborhood and looking for a handout.

Niki opened the door. Both dogs greeted her like an old friend, and they seemed to be talking to her—trying to tell her something. They nudged her and made moaning sounds. But each refused all treats, food, and water. She got a phone number off one collie's dog tag and left a message for the owner to call her.

In the meantime, Niki grabbed a coat and boots and went outside to be with the collies. They jumped and danced around her, showing complete love and trust.

So she took them for a walk.

Walking up and down the street, she hoped to run into the owner who might be looking for the lost pets. She tried some commands on them. "Heel!" They obediently fell into step with her. "Stay!" They stayed. "Come!" Of course, they came running up.

Well-trained dogs, she thought.

Finally, the owner got her message and called back to arrange to pick up his dogs. They were delighted at the news. The larger of the two was so happy he began talking like, "Woo Woo Woo!" When the owner arrived, he explained that home was three or four miles away. He was confounded when she told him how they had obeyed her commands. They'd never had training, he said.

The lost collies came to Niki's door because they remembered her love from the dream world where they had already met.

God's love is sufficient for all.

Can Animals Love?

Only a robot or a person new to reincarnation on earth would say no if asked, Can animals love? Highly evolved people accept it as a fact. They know it because of their better understanding of how God's love actually works—due to their longer enrollment here in the University of Hard Knocks.

Yes, animals can love. There are too many such examples of animal behavior to doubt it. Love goes beyond instinct.

Although they are capable of showing love, animals—like many humans—can also show a strong dislike. That can change, however.

A mother took her two daughters, ages eight and ten, to a pet store and returned home with a grey tabby kitten, Socks. All went well for several weeks. Then her son, who had moved to a new apartment where pets were not allowed, brought over his cat, Spook.

Spook took an instant dislike to the kitten. At every opportunity, Spook hissed and swatted at Socks, which soon produced a bloody nose. But it got worse. One day the family had to nurse the kitten back to health because Spook's claw had injured Socks's eye, causing an infection.

In time, though, the two cats became inseparable friends. They did everything together.

Then Spook had a litter of kittens. Socks became a second mother to them: licking them, keeping vigil with Spook over them, even baby-sitting when Spook left for a drink, food, or just time off. Day after day, Socks stood in during Spook's break times.

The family later came across an article in the newspaper about whether animals can love. With such a pure example of it in their own home, this family has its own answer. Could there be any doubt?

Where Have All the Turtles Gone?

Valerie left cold Illinois one November to visit a retired friend in Florida. A small pond graces his backyard.

He complained to her that his pond, once home to thirty-five turtles, now had no turtles at all. "Where have all the turtles gone?" he asked on several occasions.

A couple of weeks into the visit, he suggested a bike ride along the harbor and the lake where they had ridden the previous year. This bike path ends near a busy road. There, she suddenly felt a presence. Only fifteen feet from the road sat a very large turtle, which nonetheless let her approach without any sign of fear.

Then a picture from the past flashed through her mind.

She knew this turtle. They'd met last year after a car had run over it, cracking its shell and leaving it on the road with serious injuries. Valerie had gently moved it out of harm's way, setting it in some grass. At her initial touch, the turtle had panicked. But she softly sang HU, the ancient love song to God, which soothed its fearful struggling.

So the turtle now recognized her. It was a meeting between two old friends.

But the road was still a dangerous place for a turtle. Valerie picked up her fifty-pound friend, bicycled with this enormous load under her arm through a park amid unbelieving stares, and took it to her friend's place. The next day, Valerie also found his mate and reunited them. Both soon had a new home in the backyard pond. A much safer place for breeding turtles.

Twice now, God's love showed itself to her turtle friend through her acts of kindness.

Zeke Finds Freedom

Bob had a very old dog, Zeke, who was his special friend. The veterinarian had bad news, though. The fourteen-and-a-half-year-old dog had cancer in his abdomen. No pain. He'd probably just peacefully slip away.

However, if Zeke developed a breathing problem, the vet said it would be time to let him go.

That sad day soon came. Bob and his wife took him to the vet and had Zeke put to sleep. Zeke was in Bob's arms when he went, literally leaping from that tired old body like a prisoner set free from his cell.

On the drive home, Bob's Spiritual Eye opened. He saw Prajapati, the ECK Master who cares for the animals, standing on a hill near a tree. Behind him came a stream of bright golden sunlight from the sky. But there was also a ball of light, and Bob knew instinctively that it was his departed friend, Zeke, in the Soul body. Zeke's joy was unbounded.

By telepathic voice, Zeke said to Bob, "Daddy, I'm free! Thank you for all the love."

* * *

Is God's love even sufficient for animals? Yes, it very clearly is—at least it is to those who have the eyes to see and the spiritual awareness to recognize this eternal truth.

Excerpted from the 1998 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 1997 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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