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Eckankar: Article by Sri Harold Klemp

When the Right People Do the Right Thing

By Sri Harold Klemp

Someone once said, "Without the Nile there is no Egypt." He was referring to the Nile river overflowing its banks annually, which enriched the soil and made it possible to grow Egypt's grains.

So, too, may we say in Eckankar,"Without the ECK (the Holy Spirit) there is no life."

The ECK is the mainstay of life. Those who obey the spiritual laws of this divine force will naturally do the right thing in the right way. Most people are unconscious agents of this power. They do gain much by it, however, unconscious or not.

A member of Eckankar, though, learns to become more conscious of the ECK and Its ways. To become more aware of the ECK and Its ways requires a new state of consciousness. One who can enter into it sees a broader, richer, and deeper playing out of the workings of creation in the divine order of things. He gets to look behind the scenes. He sees spiritual reasons why certain things are so.

A greater awareness leads to a greater love, both in the seeing and receiving of it.

Those with a greater state of awareness see more of the reasons behind why things are as they are. So they develop more love and compassion.

These knowers are doers. They help people spiritually by the service they do for them in God's name.

An example of this sort of conscious service is the following experience of a therapist we'll call Claire.

An accomplished pianist once came to Claire for help. This man had a severe block that prevented him from expressing himself in a more fulfilling way, both socially and spiritually. Would Claire try to help him?

Claire took him on as a patient.

Now, she did the right thing in the right way. Claire called upon the Mahanta for help. He is the inner guide for ECKists.

The Mahanta showed Claire one of the pianist's past lives, in which he'd enjoyed wealth and renown. But his personal life was one of debauchery and excess, and that imbalance had come to the foreground in this life. He was now obliged to confront and straighten out the effects of that earlier lifetime.

It was a spiritual necessity. He had to face that hidden side of his history so he could gain in spiritual strength.

There was no easy way out. He had to face himself.

Claire understood what the pianist was up against, that his problem with creating things musically and his weakness in interacting socially with others were of a longstanding nature. There was no quick cure.

But she could help him accommodate to those conditions. Of course, she did not disclose to him the facts of his previous, misspent life. He wouldn't have understood.

So Claire did the right thing in the right way.

Right off, she asked the Mahanta for help. Both she and the pianist benefited from that: she, consciously; he, unconsciously.

In Eckankar, doing the right thing at the right time means to call upon the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master for a second opinion.

Arlene is an ECKist who faced an unpleasant situation. She needed to talk to the principal where her children attended school. It was necessary to explain to him why her children didn't participate in the religious program offered there. She had to tell him about Eckankar.

But Arlene was afraid to do it. She was concerned that her children might suffer harm by the principal learning that they were ECKists.

Yet there was more to it. The principal was an authority figure, and Arlene always had qualms about speaking to those in authority.

For the moment, however, she did nothing.

Then a seemingly unrelated thing happened to her at the hairdresser. Arlene wanted blond highlights in her hair. Part of the hairdresser's procedure was to put a plastic bag over a client's head, covering the forehead and ears.

Arlene's heart began to race.

Then she felt as though she were suffocating, even though her nose and mouth were free.

She felt a deep panic. What on earth was going on? The feeling became so frightening that Arlene was forced to stop the procedure. She apologized to the hairdresser and returned home.

There, she did the right thing. She put her attention upon the Mahanta. Could he help her?

Immediately, a picture from a past life formed on the inner screen of her mind. Way back, during the medieval Inquisition in Europe, she found herself in a poorly lit cell. There was an iron helmet over her head. It was punishment for her opposing the opinions of church authorities.

The helmet did let her see and breathe; however, she felt trapped. Before long, she went mad.

This past-life experience helped her understand her cowardly attitude in this life when it came to dealing with authorities. A positive result has been this: her greater understanding opened to greater love and spiritual freedom.

Arlene had done the right thing, in the right way.

And such is the challenge and opportunity of living and growing consciously and spiritually. The way, to be sure, lies in the teachings and practices of ECK.

It is so easy to do the right thing when you know how.

Here, then, is a spiritual exercise to help you do that. It's for anytime and anyplace. It can be done even with people around, when circumstances don't allow the opportunity to go off in private.

Put your full, undivided attention upon the face of the Mahanta. Then listen. Wait for some sign or insight for the urgent situation at hand. It may come as the faintest thought or impression. Again, you may get a very clear, unmistakable picture in your mind's eye of what needs to be done. A past life may come to you subtly.

It is important to trust your inner senses with this spiritual exercise. The Master's advice will be practical and to the point. It will be a sound suggestion. Moreover, it'll feel entirely natural and the right thing to do.

This spiritual exercise does work. However, it requires full confidence in the bond that unites you and the Master.

It is a fulfillment of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master's ancient promise: "I am always with you."

Excerpted from the 2005 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2004 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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