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Like You, All God's Creatures Are Soul Too

By Sri Harold Klemp

A young man from Beijing, China, once wrote to me about the gratitude he felt when a band of ECK missionaries had introduced him to the beautiful love song to God, HU.

But when they left, he felt empty and alone. He wondered why no other people wanted to sing HU with him.

Then, one morning, he heard the beautiful songs of swallows coming from his balcony. It was the first time he'd noticed. He noticed for a reason. He could feel the divine love in their songs, for his great desire for God had opened his spiritual ears. The swallows, he knew, were singing the HU song too.

This brought the realization that he was never alone. God's love was always with him.

Further, the swallows recognized him as a child of God too, so they felt comfortable making a nest on his balcony. When the cold weather came, the swallows flew back to the warm southern part of China.

But he wasn't left alone. Song sparrows moved into the nests, to assure him of God's ever-present love for him.

"Soul exists because God loves It," says The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One. And it is truly so. This keystone of ECK is written in the consciousness of all life, and it accounts for some acts of love and charity in the most unusual ways. It showed up in the life of this young Chinese man in the singing of swallows to chase his blues.

But God's love manifests in other ways too.

Wilton, a retired man from Auckland, New Zealand, reported the case of Tiddles, his cat, saving a bird. The story runs like this:

One morning, Wilton heard a loud bang. A blackbird had crashed into a glass panel on his patio. It'd fallen to the seat beneath the window, where it lay stunned. Just that fast, Tiddles was at the scene. Yet she didn't pounce on this blackbird but watched Wilton trying to get it to drink water from a saucer, though without success.

Wilton went inside to get a dropper.

When he returned, an amazing sight greeted his eyes. Tiddles was feeding water to the bird. Her method was inspired.

She'd put her head in the saucer and would lap twice. Then she'd put her dripping mouth to the blackbird's beak, licking it with her tongue. Slowly the bird began to revive. Tiddles watched over it for nearly an hour, at which time it'd gathered its strength and could fly to a low fence. Then it rejoined its mate in a tree, where they'd nested the summer long. It was an amazing sight, indeed.

Dogs, cats, birds, butterflies, guinea pigs, horses, fish, you, and every other living thing are Soul. There are always a few bright lights among the many dim ones to bring us comfort and joy.

Here is the story of another bright light. This story, too, is about God's love and comfort.

Liz was lonely. She longed for a relationship, but it seemed that life was passing her by. Where was the love and companionship? The blues were her sole companion this Saturday as she returned home from a shopping errand.

She was surprised to see a fluffy white and light orange cat on her doorstep. It seemed to be waiting for her. The cat let Liz pet him and followed her into the house, inspecting every corner for half an hour. Liz realized the cat was a gift from the ECK, the Holy Spirit. It had come to bring her love. Tears of joy and gratitude blurred her vision.

The two sat on the couch. The cat, on her lap, leaned against her chest and wrapped his big paws almost around her neck. It felt as if he were gently hugging her.

And so the companions sat for the longest time.

After a while, Liz felt lighter and happier and soon was moving about the house, doing chores. The cat had roused too. When Liz returned to the living room, its tail was just disappearing out the front door, which she'd left open for his convenience.

Liz peeked outside an hour later, but the orange and white cat had gone. It had its own home.

Later that same day, another wave of the blues hit her. She sat there, feeling so very alone. Then an image flicked through her mind: The cat was on the door stoop.

Indeed, it was. So they spent the evening together on the couch. She enjoyed TV, while he purred.

Her companion stayed the whole night, stretched out on the comforter under which Liz lay sound asleep. Both she and the cat left her house the next morning. She was off to the ECK center; he watched her drive away.

He was gone when Liz returned home, and she never saw the beautiful orange and white cat again.

But she knew why he'd come. The ECK had sent him to bring her a gift of divine love, for it can calm a sad and troubled heart.

Yes, animals are Soul, too, like you.

Excerpted from the 2006 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2005 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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