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The Sun of God's Love in Their Lives

By Sri Harold Klemp

"Walter" had been reflecting upon the question, "Why are you still in ECK?"

After weighing a number of possibilities, he decided the main reason was "to maintain that direct linkup with Divine Spirit—for divine love." But that is hard to say in public. So he finds it easier to speak of spiritual freedom or total awareness.

Choices in Walter's runner-up list include:

  • The protection of the Mahanta—such as three near-collisions so far in this life (maybe even more unnoticed ones)
  • The freedom to choose where to go or what to consider during a Spiritual Exercise of ECK
  • Dream travel and working off karma in the dream state
  • Intuition and nudges that never fail
  • A chance to realize God

All these benefits are spin-offs from his direct linkup with Divine Spirit, the ECK—the source of divine love.

Divine love is the sun in Walter's life. It can, and should be, in yours too.

Divine love can work miracles for you, if you let it. Walter testifies to that.

Another who has implicit faith in the ways of the Holy Spirit is "Alberto," a citizen of Mexico. He and his son were flying to Minneapolis. Alberto was going on business; his son, returning to college after a school holiday.

The first leg of their flight, to Dallas, went smoothly. Father and son genuinely enjoyed each other's company.

They went through immigration, picked up their luggage, then headed for customs. Alberto suddenly felt apprehension. They had just surrendered their luggage for loading onto the second flight. Alberto looked back. Everything seemed in order, so they walked away.

Yet a gnawing unease remained.

In Minneapolis, his son paced around the luggage carousel. In the meantime, Alberto sang HU quietly to himself. It is something he often does while waiting, because it helps him release tension, while also opening his heart to the divine love that is always there, for the accepting.

After the last piece of luggage was removed and the carousel stopped, father and son knew they had a problem. Their bags were lost.

An airline representative took their contact information. To his surprise, Alberto felt completely calm, very matter-of-fact about the situation. No impatience. No indignation. No badgering the agent with questions.

Alberto just knew everything was in the right place. All he could do was trust the ECK.

That night he went to bed, listening to a talk by the Living ECK Master, "A Golden Contract." He drifted off to sleep with this truth in mind: "Every encounter, without exception, is there to move Soul along spiritually on Its way home to God. That's every encounter, every event, without exception."

Early next morning, a caller said the bags had arrived and would soon be delivered.

Now came a surprise!

The deliveryman was an ECK High Initiate, a friend. This was not his regular job, but he was merely filling in for a friend.

"What are the chances? One in a billion!" he exclaimed to Alberto.

In a letter to the Living ECK Master, Alberto said, "You are the sun in my life."

He wondered that the Mahanta had sent an emissary—a brother in ECK—to deliver a gift of love. The only thing that could have surprised him more that morning would have been to see the Master in person, standing on that sidewalk!

Maybe another time.

Excerpted from the 2012 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2011 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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