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Healing Past Lives through Dreams


Since early childhood I've had a tendency to panic whenever my arms and legs were confined or I had to squeeze into a tight place. This claustrophobic reaction made me feel introverted. While in the U.S. Navy, to help overcome my fears, I volunteered for submarine duty. I made some progress with my phobia, but not enough to root out the problem.

I knew phobias often originate in past lives, from some unresolved but forgotten trauma. Perhaps I needed to go back in time and uncover the original cause of my fears. But how?

Past-life regression through hypnosis did not appeal to me. I decided to put my trust in my spiritual guide, Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

One night in the dream state I found myself hovering over a disturbing scene. It was a town in fifteenth-century Spain, and a frightened man was being hog-tied by a small jeering crowd. He had expressed beliefs contrary to the church. Some local ruffians, with the blessing of the church officials, were eager to administer justice.

The men bound the heretic hand and foot, then wrapped him very tightly in a blanket. The crowd carried him to an abandoned stone building, shoved him into a dark corner under the floor, and left him to die.

I realized with horror the man was me. With morbid attachment I watched the man's final days. He gradually went insane before dying of thirst and utter fear.

Then the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master appeared in my dream.

I was momentarily comforted by his presence, until he asked me to do the unthinkable. "While I am here, you must reenter that scene. You need to consciously and deliberately go back into that body and get a grip on your emotions. As soon as you calm yourself, I'll tell you what to do next."

Though I felt like protesting, I knew the Master was right. Unless I did as asked, I could not free myself of my claustrophobia and introversion. With all the courage I could muster, I slipped down into the body.

The fear was the most intense I'd ever felt! I had to struggle with all my might to calm myself. It took a long time, and I didn't succeed totally, but apparently it was enough.

The Dream Master said, "Now let go."

Immediately I slipped free of the body with relief, and was hovering over the scene. "That's enough for now," the Master said, and I woke up.

As I lay in bed, I felt a weight that I'd carried for centuries lift. But what did the Dream Master mean, "That's enough for now?" Was there to be another visit to that place I'd rather forget forever?

As the days and weeks and months passed by, I assumed the episode was finished and eventually forgot it.

For several years I walked around satisfied that I had been an innocent victim of the Spanish Inquisition. It gave me a good excuse to think ill of the Catholic Church. Like so many others who fancy themselves victims of life, I had forgotten the very principle of the Law of Karma—we reap what we have sown.

Nearly ten years later the Dream Master decided I was ready to see the other side of the story. Once again I found myself in the dream state, hovering over a scene from the distant past. This time it was ancient Egypt. I saw myself as a cruel slave master during the time some of the smaller pyramids were being built. I held in my hands life-and-death power over the slaves.

It was a hot and dusty day, and I'd become irritated with one of the slaves. On a whim, I decided to teach him and the others a lesson. I ordered a block of stone to be left out of the layer we were laying that day. It left a cubical hole just big enough for a man to fit into if he curled up. I had the slave forced into the space, and a heavy stone slid over the top. There he was left to his fate.

In that lifetime, on that day, I had gone home to my family and forgotten about the slave. But now, from my vantage point in the dream state, I felt and witnessed the slow and agonizing death of my victim.

As I did, I realized why the Dream Master had waited ten years to show me this. The shame and guilt over my cruelty was harder to bear than my own suffering in fifteenth-century Spain.

The Dream Master said simply, "Now you know."

These two dream experiences, ten years apart, show an advantage of past-life healing through dreams over any hypnotic regression methods. The Living ECK Master knows the right time for us to recall traumatic memories from the past. He is able to help us make the karmic connection and resolve it. He also knows when we are best able to handle it. In this way, the integrity of our spiritual unfoldment is not harmed, and we proceed steadily forward at a safe pace.

Link by link, the karmic chains are broken, and we find the fear and foibles of lifetimes are replaced by the sweet beauty of divine love.

Excerpted from the 1996 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 1995 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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