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Personal Experiences with the Living ECK Master

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I Saw the Master Before He Was Named


Thirty years ago, when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old, I was listening to a radio program from Newark, New Jersey, called "The Mystic Barber." A fellow on the program claimed that if you imagined a blue ball of light hovering in front of you, and imagined where you wanted to go, you would go there. It sounded interesting and exciting. As soon as the program ended, I switched off the radio, dimmed the lights, and sat down to imagine the blue light.

The next thing I knew, a slender man wearing glasses and dressed in a white shirt or lab coat was standing in front of me in a white room. The room looked like a laboratory with metal tables and cabinets. I felt myself being drawn toward him as if by a very powerful magnet. The vision ended.

*   *   *

When I first began studying Eckankar four years ago, I went to an ECK lecture in New Jersey. There I saw Sri Harold Klemp's picture for the first time. He was wearing glasses and looked exactly like the man in my dream-vision. Three years later, I attended a large Eckankar seminar. On stage that night, Sri Harold mentioned that some people had experiences with him on the inner planes years before he became the Living ECK Master in 1981. An electric shock coursed through my being, and I knew! At that moment, my search ended. At long last, I had found the Master, and now, when I walk, I'm always in good company.

Excerpted from the 1986 ECK Mata Journal, copyright © 1985 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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