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Protection Given by My Guardian Angel


Ever since I was a child, I've had a guardian angel. Each time I listened to this voice, I was saved from difficulty or danger.

For years, I searched among different religious paths for the source of the voice. Finally when I found Eckankar, I recognized the voice as that of the Living ECK Master, who serves as both an inner and outer guide for many people. Even though I live on the other side of the world, my guardian angel, whom I now know as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, saved my life. He has guided me away from danger through many narrow escapes.

Two dramatic incidents involved saving my life. The most recent concerned my health.

For several months, my life had been very busy. I was attending computer classes after work until late at night. Dinner was whatever I could grab out of the refrigerator. In addition to this stress, I was also traveling to Tianjin, China, every few weeks to oversee a project. And soon it was time to pack for a trip home to Malaysia to attend a staff conference in Penang with my boss. It was his first visit, so I offered to serve as an informal tour guide. Our first stop was Singapore.

Before the journey, my inner voice told me to see a doctor for a routine stress test for my heart. Early the next morning I phoned my brother, a doctor. He told me I could only get an X ray and ECG at the local hospital, as the cardiologist was not in on Saturday. Since the results of these two tests were almost identical to those of a year before, I left for my trip with an easy mind.

But during our trip, while we were walking up a steep hill, I suddenly felt a tightness in my chest.

I told my boss, "I need to slow down." Jokingly, he turned around and pointed a finger at me, "Don't worry, you won't die!" It seemed as though Golden-tongued Wisdom was coming out through him. I was secretly relieved.

In Kuala Lumpur, we took a tour which included visits to a few factories before ending up at Batu Cave. When I saw the long stairway leading to the cave, that inner voice gave me a warning, "Don't climb those!" So I didn't.

We flew to Penang and began a round of meetings. When I phoned my brother and told him about the tightness in my chest, he advised me to go for another stress test in Malaysia. But our meetings went on nonstop, and I completely forgot.

In between meetings, everyone jumped into the tempting swimming pool, but again, my inner voice told me not to.

I phoned my sister-in-law who lived nearby in Malaysia. Halfway through the conversation, I heard myself asking her to make an appointment with a heart specialist. I was surprised. The request came out of the blue and had nothing to do with what we were talking about. However, she agreed. The heart specialist was very busy, hard to see on such short notice, but I got an appointment the next day. To my shock, his tests and a later angiogram revealed that I needed bypass surgery. The main artery was 95 percent blocked!

I needed surgery the next day, but the hospital was full. Yet Divine Spirit seemed to be paving the way. By "coincidence" a patient was discharged that morning. I was fitted snugly into the cardiac surgeon's tight schedule and underwent a three-hour bypass operation.

I was perfectly calm throughout the whole ordeal because my inner voice had told me I would be OK. And the inner strength obtained by chanting HU, the holy name for God, played an important role in my recovery.

After five days I was able to walk out of the hospital. Those who could not see my long scar did not realize I'd even been sick.

The second time my guardian angel saved my life was even more dramatic.

In 1989, I moved my family to Beijing, where I was working for the U.S. Feed Grains Council. During the next two months, tensions grew as students started their quiet procession toward Tiananmen Square.

Our new apartment was on the twenty-fourth floor of a building overlooking the main road to the square. Each day my family watched the numbers swelling on the road. We did not feel scared. Many foreigners were leaving Beijing, but we made no evacuation plans. Then one day we heard tanks rolling toward Tiananmen Square. We did not know what was going on; there were no news reports. By the next day, roads and shops were deserted, and we knew there would be trouble.

My office was in the same building on the next floor up, and a colleague there told me to leave Beijing. He had seen and heard about some killings on TV. I rushed home and immediately sent most of my family to Hong Kong. But my elder daughter had gone touring in Urumuqi. I was afraid of what would happen if she returned to an empty, locked apartment. So I decided to stay in Beijing.

For two days I sat by my window, watching the scene below. Tanks were placed in combat position at the intersection. I sat for hours, watching the soldiers.

Then suddenly I heard the voice of my inner guide, the Mahanta, "Danger! Get out! It's not safe here!"

Without a second thought I ran out of the apartment and walked up one floor to my office. It was on a different side of the building. Within moments, the silence was shattered by a heavy burst of machine-gun fire. The rain of bullets lasted a good five minutes. When everything had quieted down, I went downstairs and opened my apartment door. What a frightening scene! Broken glass from the shattered windows covered the furniture and the floor. If I had remained in my seat by the window, I would likely have been killed.

I rushed back to the office to call the airlines. I wanted out of China! My elder daughter arrived within hours after that. We managed to both get seats on an airplane the next day for Hong Kong and were reunited with the rest of the family.

I am very grateful for my inner guidance from the Mahanta. If the voice had not told me to get a heart check-up or to run to safety, I would not be here today. So you can see why I try to pay attention to my inner promptings!

Excerpted from the 1996 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 1995 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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