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Thank You for Saving My Baby!


I am sleeping. In my dream there is a baby—a very small baby—holding on to my leg and crying. She seems to be begging me to save her. I do not know what to do. I look at her, and I feel completely helpless. The baby slumps to the ground, dead. I close my eyes in despair. When I open them, the Mahanta is standing in front of me, gazing deeply into my eyes. I look at the Master and back at the baby girl. I still don't know what to do, so I walk away.

Suddenly I was awakened from this dream by my wife's screams. Only six months pregnant, she seemed to be in labor. It was too early for the baby to come. I began to sing HU, the beautiful love song to God, to relax my fears, coaxing my wife to join me. As we sang together, she quieted, and suddenly I slipped back into the dream I had just awakened from.

Once more, the baby girl is crying and holding on to my leg. I know I am somehow supposed to help her. I pick her up and hand her to the Master, who is once again standing in front of me. The Master smiles and gives the ancient blessing of the Vairagi Masters, "May the blessings be."

When I returned to ordinary consciousness, I reassured my wife. "Don't worry. The Master is taking over everything. You will be OK." Her pain abated, and comforted, she fell asleep. When she awoke the following morning she was fine. The contractions had stopped, and she had no more problems with the pregnancy.

Three months later, when my wife was to give birth, I went with her to the hospital. While she was in labor, I waited alone in a mosquito-infested waiting room. I could hear my wife in the delivery room chanting the spiritual name of the Living ECK Master, "Wah Z, Wah Z, Wah Z," over and over again, the sound blending with the buzzing of the mosquitoes in the waiting room.

To take my mind off the mosquitoes and my wife's pain, I sang HU. Around two o'clock in the morning I fell into another vivid dream.

I see my wife delivering our baby girl. Right then my aunt sends me home to get something for her. When I get there, I can't find what she wants. As I am searching, I accidentally tip a lantern over, sending burning kerosene flowing toward my wife and our newborn daughter. I hasten to put out the fire, and my family is safe.

Twelve hours after I awoke from this dream, my baby daughter arrived in the world. I was so happy to meet her at last, but I still wondered about the three inner experiences I had had.

The night after I brought my wife and baby home from the hospital, they were asleep in the bedroom while I slept on the couch. Around two o'clock in the morning, the same time as my dream in the hospital waiting room, I woke up and went into the bedroom to check on them. My wife had left a candle burning on the table so the room would have light if she needed to attend to the baby. The candle had fallen over and was beginning to burn the carpet in the room. I woke my wife, and we quickly ran for water to put the fire out.

"Can you see the Master's hand in this?" I asked my wife. "Can you see how the Master is with us? Twice, while singing HU, we have experienced the protection of the Master for this child, first when you started labor too early and now to save you both from being burned."

Every day I look at my wife and my child and myself—and I understand the loving protection of the Master. We give thanks together to the Mahanta for this great gift of life.

Excerpted from the 2001 ECK Spirituality Today, copyright © 2000 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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