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A Healing So Real

Spiritual Exercises of ECK Bring a Miraculous Healing to This African Woman


In April 2000, while working as an industrial attaché in a business in another city, I suddenly realized I had been losing weight. It was so much that my employer had noticed and inquired. I explained that I was nauseous and often threw up after meals. He took me to see his physician.

The physician examined me and discovered I had an inflamed appendix. Surgery was scheduled for the next day.

That evening in contemplation, I invited the ECK Masters, headed by Wah Z (the spiritual name of Sri Harold Klemp), to see me through the surgery. In my inner vision, Wah Z appeared with some of the ECK Masters. He asked if I would allow him to help me. I gladly agreed. Next he asked me to sing a song, a song I had recently learned which helped me link up with Divine Spirit. I began to sing.

Some of the ECK Masters joined in the song. Then Wah Z signaled us to stop. He reached into his pocket and brought out an ampoule, explaining to me that he would open it and rub the contents on my lower abdomen, near the appendix. He told me I would feel nauseous, that I would possibly faint, but everything would be all right. I should go to the hospital in the morning as planned.

He opened the vial and rubbed the contents on my stomach. I heard a thud and opened my eyes. I was still in my room contemplating. It had all been so real. I soon felt nauseous and went into the bathroom where I vomited. Afterward I felt some relief.

The next morning, I was taken to the hospital for another examination. The doctor conducted his tests again.

"Surgery is no longer necessary," he said. Surprised, he asked me about my religion.

"Eckankar," I told him.

Through this miraculous healing, I learned that it is very rewarding to put the concerns of my daily life into my contemplative exercises and to have absolute trust in the Inner Master, Wah Z.

Excerpted from the 2004 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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