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United by HU

A New Spiritual Path Takes a Malaysian Family to Divine Love


My wife and I had been practicing kundalini yoga for nearly eight years when my brother Raja introduced me to Eckankar. The years of kundalini practice had done little to reduce the problem with anger that I had struggled with my whole life, so I decided to take my brother's advice to chant HU, an ancient name for God. What did I have to lose?

Within days, I had many wonderful spiritual experiences chanting HU and decided to become a member of Eckankar.

After joining Eckankar, I told my wife about my experiences with HU. She had no desire to leave her own guru, but we agreed to give each other the freedom to follow separate spiritual paths.

As months passed, my wife began to take notice of deep changes in me. I was far less prone to angry outbursts and more loving toward her. "There must be something in this new path," she said one day. "How can I experience the benefits?"

"You just sing HU," I said.

"Ohf!" she snorted, doubtfully, and said, "I will see."

Then one day, while sitting and reading, I became aware of a sound. The HU song was coming from somewhere in the house. I followed the sound to my contemplation room. There sat my wife, chanting HU! I was overjoyed.

We went on to teach our children the HU song. Before long they had ceased their frequent quarreling. Much love and joy was growing in our family.

One evening, my father pointed to our framed photograph of Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and asked, "Who is this white man? Why must you hang this photograph here?"

"Father," I replied, "this is our satguru. We now follow Eckankar, the path of the Light and Sound of God."

"Come on," he responded skeptically, "a white man teaching spirituality? There's something wrong." And off he went to bed.

I had to travel away from home for the next two or three days. When I returned, I was amazed to see the Living ECK Master's photograph displayed in a very prominent position in the house. I turned to my wife, "What happened?"

"The Living ECK Master," she replied, "came to your father in a dream. He awoke with such great joy in his heart that he decided to sing HU."

My father translated (died) after being in Eckankar for almost two years. One day before he translated, he told our family members to chant HU-Mahanta. We felt such joy hearing these words.

Our entire family is now united in the love of God through the beautiful love song, HU. It is a joy to unfold together, traveling the same path to God.

Excerpted from the 2004 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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