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Lesson in a Chess Game

Unexpected Soul Travel Expands My View of Life


One day I was teaching a child to play chess. Instead of playing to win, I tried to make moves that would maneuver him into situations where he was weak and needed practice.

I reasoned that this would allow him to learn much faster than if I just beat him quickly each time.

The minutes ticked by as my opponent studied his next move. It was taking a very long time. I waited for him to decide, trying to be patient, remembering when I had first learned the game and how much time it had taken me to learn the skills I had now.

Suddenly, I was projected into a higher state of consciousness. I was the child, and the Mahanta, my spiritual guide, was the teacher. We were sitting on opposite sides of a large chessboard.

As I studied the chessmen in this unexpected Soul Travel experience, I realized this was not a chess set at all. The pieces were facsimiles of real people. And one of them was me!

I could see how my inner guide was gently guiding each player in this game of life, helping and assisting me as Soul, so that I would have the greatest opportunity to learn.

In my inner vision, the Mahanta looked across the board at me. "I can give you the opportunities," he said, "but you must recognize and take advantage of them."

He smiled. "It's your move."

When he said these three words, I snapped back into my physical body.

"It's your move," repeated my opponent even louder. I quickly scanned the board for my next move, inwardly thanking my spiritual teacher for this insight.

A protective cloak of love seemed to surround me, reminding me of the constant and very real presence of the Mahanta in my life.

Excerpted from the 2006 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2005 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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