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Personal Experiences with the Living ECK Master

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A Meeting with the Master

Soul Awakens to Divine Love through a Sacred Meeting


Life had always been difficult for me.

Desperate to be free from life's challenges, I began to search for a spiritual master to help me. After many years, I discovered Eckankar and the teachings of Sri Harold Klemp.

Right away I realized there was something different about this spiritual teacher. His books and talks were easy to understand, and when I practiced the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, I was filled with freedom, joy, and happiness.

Still, life brought more setbacks. My health got worse, and I struggled to keep up with my studies at the university. I didn't know what to do.

One day, I discovered that Harold Klemp was going to speak at a nearby seminar in Western Australia.

Immediately I felt happier. I decided to ask for a spiritual consultation with him, and to my surprise, my request was granted. A meeting was set up at a local hotel.

When I arrived for the consultation, I was very nervous.

Soon, I was shown into a room where I was introduced to Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Gently taking my hand, he welcomed me as if I was an old friend.

Right away I noticed a wisdom and strength about him. Yet at the same time, there was a kindness and gentleness about him that I had not seen in other human beings. I had never met anyone like this before.

I soon felt at ease, and most of my nervousness quickly disappeared. Still, I found it a little hard to meet his eyes.

As I poured out my heart to him, Sri Harold listened carefully and with deep compassion. He never interrupted, and when he did speak, his words were uplifting and filled me with love.

I thought to myself, If this is what Mastership brings, then it's definitely worth striving for.

As we spoke, something was shifting inside me. I felt my problems begin to melt away.

After awhile, I stopped talking, and we just looked out the hotel window at the city skyline. Golden rays from the evening sun shimmered on the river below us, and the vivid blue flowers of a jacaranda tree were in full bloom.

It seemed that the world was lighter and more beautiful than before. Our consultation was over, and I was ready to go.

As I was about to leave the room, our eyes met for the first time.

Waves of love washed over me. As the burdens of life fell away, I was filled with a feeling of lightness and joy. In the Master's eyes, I had caught a glimpse of God's great love for Soul.

This was the Tiwaja, the gaze of the Master. It has the power to uplift Soul and heal the heart from all its suffering.

In that moment, I was changed forever.

I now understood there was no problem I couldn't face with the help of the Master.

Looking back on that day, I am reminded of this quote from The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, the holy scriptures of Eckankar:

When any man or woman has earned the right to stand before the Mahanta, there is no power in the universe that can keep him away from the Sat Guru. The two must meet, for the spiritual law commands it.

Soul, my true self, had now been awakened to divine love, and my journey home to God had finally begun.

Excerpted from the 2008 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2007 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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