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The Light of ECK

Unwinding the Coils of Karma through Service to Life


A few years ago, I began to wonder if the profession I'd chosen was the right one for me.

I work as a nurse. It is a career where I know I can help people. But the hospital working conditions caused me a lot of emotional pain. With an overload of work, a lack of appreciation from my supervisors, and a generally unfriendly environment, I questioned if this really was my destined career.

One evening, I was tending to a sick child in my ward. His mother sat beside him. The sun was setting, and soon it would be dark. My heart was filled with sadness as I thought about my dilemma. With a syringe, I drew out some medicine from an ampoule to infuse into the IV bag attached to the child's arm.

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Suddenly, a bright light engulfed the whole ward.

The intensity of the light forced me to close my eyes. Wanting to see what was happening, I opened my eyes again. But I couldn't see anything but the light. I didn't see my patient, the hospital bed, or even the walls of the room.

Afraid I'd gone blind, I silently called out to the ECK Masters to help me. Slowly, the light began to wane, and the room came into vision again.

"My son," the mother of the child asked, "is anything the matter with you? You've been staring at nothing!"

I realized the syringe was still in my hand. Quickly I delivered the medicine, then left to ponder the experience.

I knew I had experienced the Light of ECK. Often an experience like this can bring you greater spiritual wisdom. But I didn't understand the message.

That night before bed, I sang HU and asked the Inner Master to explain the experience to me. Early the next morning, I had a dream.

I am the commander of a battalion. My troops and I have just quelled a rebellion by putting our enemies to the sword.

Now I've received a message that the rebel leader has been caught. I send word to keep him alive, then ride off with my most loyal men to meet my enemy.

When we arrive, I show no mercy to the captive rebel leader. I cut off his head and hold it in the air in bloody jubilation for all to see.

When I woke up, I realized the dream was of a violent past life where I had not understood the sanctity of life.

Now the message of the Light of ECK was clear. The Inner Master was letting me know that through my nursing profession, the ECK and the Mahanta were helping me unwind the coil of karma I had created during that and other lifetimes. Now, it is time for me to serve life and not destroy it.

The experience at the hospital showed me my profession was the right one after all. Now I know that, as Soul, we are always learning and growing spiritually, especially during periods of pain and hardship. We are always at the right place in life!

Excerpted from the 2010 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2009 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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