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Maggie, Prajapati, and the Blue Bandage

An Inner Vision and Special Bandage Confirm the Mahanta's Love


It was a warm day in early May in southern Ontario, Canada. My horse, Maggie, had just been allowed outdoors for the first time in almost nine months.

It had been a long and painful winter for both of us. An injury had confined Maggie to her stall so her broken bones and torn ligaments could heal. She was almost nineteen years old, and it had not been certain she would survive.

Still, this lively and temperamental former racehorse had been the perfect patient. By spring, Maggie's own indomitable spirit, coupled with the love from her many friends, had gotten her through the worst of it.

But lingering scar tissue and an enlarged tendon in her lower leg were still making her uncomfortable. The veterinarian said Maggie needed surgery to relieve the pressure. The short operation could be accomplished right there in the barn, using a local anesthetic.

Of course there were risks, and the last thing I wanted was to cause Maggie more pain and trouble. I spent the next month checking inwardly with the Holy Spirit for guidance and closely observing Maggie before I finally agreed to the operation.

When the day of the surgery arrived, I was anxious. I decided to do a spiritual exercise to still my mind.

I invited some of the ECK Masters to be with me, silently voicing their names and visualizing their faces from pictures I've seen in ECK publications. The ECK Masters are spiritual guides who offer guidance, protection, and divine love.

As I began this exercise, the name Prajapati—an ECK Master whose face I've never seen—suddenly came to mind.

Eckankar Journal story picture

Inwardly, I saw a robed man standing in my yard encircled by animals: a raccoon, some deer, a rabbit, and more. I realized this was Prajapati, an ECK Master who takes a special interest in animals.

I imagined Maggie in the menagerie of happy animals all around him. As she took her place beside the hooded ECK Master on my inner screen, I understood this was the Holy Spirit's way of letting me know everything was going to be fine. Maggie had the love and protection of Prajapati.

During the surgery, Maggie cooperated completely, despite her discomfort around vets and needles. Through the entire procedure, Maggie and I remained perfectly calm. We trusted that everything was going to turn out all right.

After the vet completed his work and drove away, I had immediate confirmation our trust had been well placed. Wrapped around Maggie's ankle was a self-adhesive material to protect leg bandages on horses. It comes in all colors of the rainbow.

Maggie's leg bandage was bright blue, a color I associate with the love and protection of the Mahanta, my inner guide. The Mahanta often appears to his students inwardly as a bright Blue Star. This was another confirmation from the Holy Spirit that Maggie would be fine.

The incision healed perfectly, and her limp diminished with time. When she was at play with her horse-friends, she gave no sign of the injury that almost took her from this life.

The experience with Prajapati and the blue bandage were gifts of confirmation—the Mahanta was guiding and watching over both of us all along.

Excerpted from the 2010 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2009 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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