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ECK Masters—Fubbi Quantz

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How I Found Eckankar

A Man Meets ECK Master Fubbi Quantz in a Dream


When I was seventeen, I was traveling in Nigeria and lost all my money to swindlers. I had never been this careless before. Stranded, I had no choice but to stay with my cousin. He had very little money, and we lived in hardship and poverty.

Days turned to weeks, and still I had little hope of finding a way out of my predicament. It was the lowest point of my life. I thought that if this was what life was all about, I wanted to give up living. Inwardly, I was crying out for help.

That night, I had a beautiful dream.

I am standing in an open area in front of a white building. I look around and see an old man in front of me. He is dressed entirely in white and has a long white beard. Love and compassion flow from him.

He looks at me as if he’s waiting. Without words, he invites me to enter the building. I move toward him, following where he leads.

Together, we walk down a long corridor to a large double door at the end. He opens one of the doors and beckons me through into a room.

It is a conference room with a huge, oval table. People are already seated. Two empty seats are in front of us. I sit in one, and my guide sits in the other. People begin to speak.

Then I woke up. Although I didn’t remember much of what was said, something changed inside me. I shared the dream with my cousin, but then I forgot about it.

Two days later, we were walking along a street and came across an ECK center. We went inside to look around. As I was looking at the books, my cousin called out to me. Pointing to a picture of a man on the wall, he asked me to come and look.

I joined him and was shocked at who he was pointing to. It was the man with the long white beard, from my dream! I just stared at the portrait as chills ran along my body. Who was this man?

I learned his name was Fubbi Quantz. He is an ECK Master and the abbot of the Katsupari Monastery. I had met an ECK Master in my dream!

This experience was a turning point in my life. After that, things began to change for the better, and life improved. I am forever thankful to the Mahanta and Fubbi Quantz for leading me to the precious teachings of Eckankar.

Excerpted from the 2013 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2012 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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