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I Was Healed In My Dream


Ten years before I found Eckankar, I was always sick. My suffering took me to many hospitals and herbalists, but my search was in vain. I was unhappy, lonely, and dejected. Friends and some relatives avoided me. In spite of my prayers, my health deteriorated so much that it became difficult to talk. This increased my solitude even further.

Once when I was very ill, I went to sleep and dreamed. The dream stopped when I woke to go to work. The next night the dream continued where it left off. The dream went on for three nights. This is the story that unfolded.

In my dream I woke to find myself walking along a white street. A voice called my name. Without hesitation I followed the voice. It came from a distant place which resolved into a huge white hall. As I walked toward the hall, a big door opened for me. Inside the building three men were seated around a big beautiful table. A light too brilliant for my eyes sat on the table. I approached the men and stood with head bowed.

The first man bowed in greeting and spoke. "Welcome, my child. You are starting your journey now. It is up to you whether you accomplish it or not.

Your meandering road is painted white. It travels across rivers and oceans and will lead you to a small, white house."

The second man said, "When you reach the house, say this word, then knock on the door, and it will open." He said a word.

The third man pointed to my right to show me that a horse laden with blankets, water, and food waited for me. Nearby a man and his horse stood motionless, ready to accompany me on my long journey. Without knowing how it happened, I was already on horseback. My journey had started.

The horseman never spoke a word. He knew when I wanted water or food. Our journey took many years. I was weak and sick along the way.

Again without knowing how it happened, I found myself standing at the door of a bright white house. My horse and companion disappeared into thin air. I stood alone. Fear swept over me, but then I remembered the word the second man in the hall had given me. I uttered the word and knocked. The door opened, and I entered.

The house was white inside as well. I looked down to see that a thick, white towel covered my entire body. Joy overwhelmed me as all my weakness faded away.

Two transparent beings with wings stood on either side of a bath filled with sparkling blue water. They asked me to step in. As I bathed, my attention was on their beautiful, snow-white wings. When I came out of the bath, they sprinkled my body with something from small containers they held. I was wrapped in a brilliant white towel. They directed me to a man seated at the far end of the building.

This great being was dressed in a maroon robe. On his head was a turban of white cloth. Drawn to this shining being, I bowed and knelt before him to hear what he had to say.

He raised his hand in blessing and said, "Go back into the world and finish your work." When I woke up, some of the pains had left my body. The healing process had begun.

Years later when I joined Eckankar, I recognized the great being who sent me back to the earth as ECK Master Fubbi Quantz. He is in charge of the Katsupari Monastery in northern Tibet.

Since finding Eckankar, I now enjoy life fully. I walk in the Light and Sound of God every day of my life.

Excerpted from the 1998 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 1997 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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