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Fubbi Quantz

Fubbi Quantz. FOO-bee KWAHNTS The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master during the time of Buddha, about 500 BC. He completed his mission, then immortalized his body, and is now the guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad at the Katsupari Monastery in northern Tibet. A teacher of Firdusi, the Persian poet, he was also the spiritual guide for Columbus and encouraged his voyage to the Americas in order to revitalize the depleted nutrition of the Europeans.

From A Cosmic Sea of Words:
The ECKANKAR Lexicon

By Harold Klemp

Eckankar: ECK Master Fubbi Quantz

A Personal Experience with Fubbi Quantz

Here's a true story about someone who met Fubbi Quantz years before finding Eckankar.

Memory of Stars

By Sri Harold Klemp

Sarah, a Nigerian, first heard of Eckankar on a recording of a televised talk I'd given some years earlier.

Sarah had caught the last segment of a three-part program introducing the ECK teachings. To her utter amazement, a perfect six-pointed blue star replaced my face on the TV screen. She recognized it as a spiritual gift, and it was a great inspiration to her. And so she drove to an ECK center to borrow ECK books. It was there that she noticed an event taking place in the next room. The center's host invited her to stay and attend the event, which happened to be an ECK Worship Service.

In the room used for the service, Sarah noticed pictures of the ECK Masters. Right off, one of the pictures drew her fascinated attention. This is her story:

Some six years earlier, Sarah had suffered grave injuries in a car accident, which left her unconscious for four days. She showed no response whatever to medical treatments, so the doctors decided to disconnect her life-support system.

At that very critical moment, an old man came to her on the inner planes. He told her to ask the doctors for a bed next to the wall.

Sarah stirred from the unconscious state and made the request. No sooner had the staff moved her to the new location than she slipped into a quite normal sleep. But this applied only to her physical body. In a subtle, inner body she awoke under a wondrous and most beautiful covering of silvery stars. Dancing, sparkling lights covered her bed and the walls.

Ever since that experience, Sarah felt a deep longing of some kind in her heart. But a longing for what, she couldn't say.

In the days and weeks to come, Sarah showed a remarkable recovery. Her doctor warned she'd carry severe deformities from her injuries, yet in six months all her bones had healed, much to her doctor's surprise.

So it was on that day in the ECK center that Sarah chanced upon the picture of a certain ECK Master. To her surprise and delight, she learned the identity of the old man who'd come to her in the hospital a full six years earlier. It was none other than the venerable Fubbi Quantz. His picture was the final, long-awaited sign that her spiritual seeking had reached an end.

The ECK teachings were like a cool, healing salve to Sarah's once-restless, seeking heart.

Excerpted from Those Wonderful ECK Masters by Harold Klemp, copyright © 2005 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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