Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God

ECK Masters—Gopal Das

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In 1983, I moved away from home for the first time, leaving south Texas for a city in the Midwest. There, I embarked on a search for truth. I accepted an invitation from a man named Daniel to study with a spiritual group. As the weeks went by, his classes moved from introductory mysticism into magic, and I became a promising student.

I developed a close relationship with a woman in the class named Jane. It was a relationship originally engineered and observed by Daniel, who was our spiritual master. Jane and I spent a lot of time together practicing the psychic arts. On one occasion, we were doing a past-life regression, and an experience unfolded for me.

I saw a boy and a girl standing at the base of a pyramid. It seemed as if they were at an altar, and a man was standing over them. The man had flowing blond hair and a solid, strong face. Describing him later, I said that he looked like Marlon Brando in the movie Superman. I could tell that he was a great man.

Jane was very curious about this man. She continued to feel his presence around her house. We decided to ask the man who he was. When we asked him, "What is your name?" there was no reply.

"Why are you here?" we then asked. "I'm here for Steve," he said. "I have something for him, but he is not ready yet." He paused a moment and spoke again, "He will be."

I asked this man if I could call him Brando; he smiled and said that would be fine. I felt he was my friend.

After a couple of months, Brando left. His presence had been a constant reminder to me that there was far more to truth than what Daniel and Jane had been teaching me. By the time he left, I knew that my time of studying with Daniel was over.

Daniel was reluctant to let me go, and a battle ensued on the psychic planes. These people were my only friends; leaving their sphere meant giving up everything I knew. But through a year of inner struggle with Daniel, I learned that even a black magician had no power over me if I didn't surrender myself. I learned the lesson of self-responsibility.

My experience with Brando helped me keep going. His presence made me aware that a higher truth awaited me.

A year and a half later, someone suggested I investigate Eckankar. I read some of the books and was about to begin study when I decided to go to the local Eckankar center for an introductory lecture.

Once there, I noticed the line drawings of several ECK Masters on the wall. I broke into a cold sweat as I recognized one of the drawings as Brando. I had found the answer to a two-year-old question. His name is Gopal Das—the great ECK Master who lived in Egypt in 3000 BC.

Excerpted from Earth to God, Come In Please . . . ,Book 1, copyright © 1991 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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