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My Spiritual Harvest

A South American Woman Finds Eckankar in a Dream


Many years ago, after working a few years in the United States, I returned to my home in South America. Soon after, I had an unusual dream. In it, a tall, blond, blue-eyed man came to me.

"The wheat is ready," he said. "I need you to help me harvest it." That was OK with me. I didn’t yet have a job, and I didn’t want to have to return to the U.S. for work.

Soon after this dream, I had another. This time, a dark-haired, bearded man in a maroon robe took me into a classroom with about twenty-five other students. He showed me my desk and gave me twelve small books with light blue covers. "These are for you to study—only one per month, no more." I looked at the books. On each cover was the symbol and farther down, the word ECKANKAR. Next, the maroon-robed man directed my attention to a large globe—the earth—far below us in space. "That is where you must go to study," he said.

Tears welled in my eyes. I didn’t want to go down there. I wanted to stay forever in this beautiful world of light where we stood. The next moment I was awake in my bed with full memory of this wonderful dream. So there was something I was to study. But where was I to begin? Where would I ever find those light blue books I had been given by my maroon-clad guide?

One day soon after, my yoga professor gave me a name and address. "You must go to the home of this woman—Roxanne. Tell her I sent you."

Intrigued, I went to the address that very night and knocked on the door. When Roxanne answered the door, I explained why I was there. She invited me in and introduced me to an American gentleman who was visiting. As Roxanne ushered me into the living room, I stopped in amazement. On the wall was a picture of the man who had given me the books in my dream!

"Do you know him?" Roxanne asked. Stunned, I put her off with, "I’ll tell you later."

In the living room, Roxanne introduced me to a small group of people meeting there. Again, I reeled in amazement. On a table lay the books I had been shown in my dream.

Seven months later, after reading some books loaned to me by Roxanne, I requested membership in Eckankar. I have never turned back.

And the man in my first dream? I soon learned he was the ECK Master Gopal Das, asking me to help with the spiritual harvest—finding Souls in my country who were ready to begin the journey home to God.

Excerpted from the 2003 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2002 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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