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Foreknowledge—Burden or Blessing?

Instead of Grief I Can Share Love with My Dying Mother


As the sound of my HU song faded, I began a silent contemplation. Almost immediately the inner screen of my consciousness showed a figure entering the room. It was the ECK Master Gopal Das.

He came right to the point. "One of your parents is going to die." "When?" I asked. "In the next month," he replied. And the vision faded.

I sat for a few moments in utter shock. Both my parents were in good health. How could this be?

A few weeks later, I spoke to my mother in Holland. She complained of a painful, swollen leg. Even though my family thought there was no cause for worry, I had a deep knowingness that this was a sign of things to come. Later, in contemplation I asked the Mahanta, my inner guide, for help. He reminded me that Soul is eternal and my mother would continue the joy of her spiritual journey when she passed on.

Several days later, word came from Holland that in the course of some blood tests, advanced cancer had been discovered. There wasn't much time left. Grieving, I bought my plane ticket and made preparations to go to Holland.

My mother was in good spirits. "How do you feel, Mom?" I asked. "I'm still hoping for a miraculous healing from Divine Spirit," she answered. My face must have revealed something, because she then asked if I had any insight.

I couldn't bear to tell her what I knew. Instead, we sang HU, the ancient name for God, together.

The second day, as we were preparing to do our daily HU song, I had an inner nudge to open The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the Eckankar scriptures. The book opened at random to a passage about how the Mahanta, the inner guide, is with the student at the time of death. I read it aloud.

After our HU song, my mother cried a little. "I see now," she said. "It is my time to go. If I had to hear it from anyone, I'm glad it was you." We embraced for a long time.

From that day forward, Mother began to put her affairs in order. I was able to spend a week with her before I had to return to the United States. When I left, there were no unresolved feelings between us—just love and gratitude that we had that time together. Two days after I returned home, I received the call—my mother had passed on.

I suppose foreknowledge can sometimes be a burden, but in this case, it was a great blessing.

It allowed me to grieve ahead of time and then just share love with my mother in our final time together. I am so grateful to Gopal Das and the Mahanta for preparing me for my mother's journey from this life to the next.

Excerpted from the 2004 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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