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ECK Masters—Gopal Das

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ECK Masters Serve All Souls

A Woman Learns the Truth about a Mysterious Vision


My first husband's mother was my loving friend for over thirty years.

Vickie was a lover of life and had a great interest in all the world's religions and cultures. She kept volumes of notes and scrapbooks of poems, articles, and drawings pertaining to all things spiritually uplifting.

Yet as a single mother, she didn't feel confident about guiding her son as he became a teenager. She told me that as he grew up, she often asked for inner guidance on that matter.

One morning in 1960, as she worked in her garden, she looked up toward her son's bedroom window and saw a vision. Hovering in a halo of shimmering light was a human figure suspended in midair!

Being an artist, she quickly grabbed pens and began sketching what she saw. The visionary being remained long enough, and soon she was able to fully capture his image.

As Vickie described this experience to my husband and me, she said she felt blessed by this amazing vision. She knew it was a spiritual gift, and one that she would always cherish.

Over the years, she never lost her enthusiasm for this experience, and the memory of it uplifted and sustained her through some difficult years. She referred to this beautiful being as "the saint."

One day, many years later, Vickie called and asked if it would be all right to ship us the picture of "the saint." She had transferred her original sketch to a piece of wood for a more permanent place in her life. She felt it was important for us to have it, and we accepted her gift graciously.

When the box arrived, we opened the many layers of Bubble Wrap to see "the saint" for the first time.

We couldn't believe our eyes.

Painted on the wood was a beautiful image of the ECK Master Gopal Das.

We were amazed to see all the detail in the picture. The long blond hair, the light robe, the blue eyes—above all, he was giving the ancient blessing of the ECK Masters, with his right hand raised in front of him!

My husband and I embraced one another, happy to see how this ECK Master had touched the life of my mother-in-law in such a profound way.

Then my husband shared something with me he had never told me before.

When he was a teenager, he was looking for something more from life. Shortly before his mother's vision, he had asked inwardly if he would ever find God.

To his delight, the answer he heard was yes, but that it wouldn't happen until he was an adult. So he relaxed and went about his life, knowing that someday he would find truth. Eventually, he did find the teachings of Eckankar.

His mother's gift to us now was a reminder of that promise. We realized that the ECK Master Gopal Das had been with both my husband and his mother, guiding them on their journey home to God, long before either of them consciously knew about the teachings of Eckankar.

It was an awesome realization that ECK Masters truly do serve all Souls, especially when our hearts are open to divine love.

Excerpted from the 2008 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2007 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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