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A Gift of Gratitude

ECK Master Kata Daki Helps This Man through a Difficult Time


One of the ways my grandmother taught me about love was through food. She poured her whole heart into preparing special dishes during the holidays, showering each one with love.

Sharing meals with her gave me a greater appreciation for food that is carefully prepared with an open heart. Each dish was like its own special blessing from God, and I was grateful for every one.

But as I grew older and began to make my own way in life, I found good food was not as easy to come by. Sometimes it was even scarce, and Iíd resort to junk food. There were other times I couldnít find a way to eat at all.

One day when I had nothing to eat, I found it very hard to concentrate. I tried to carry on with my life, as if I was well fed, and continued to work on a project at hand.

The next day still brought no food. My stomach cried out for relief, but there was nothing I could do. I just continued to work and tried my best to ignore it. But I found it even harder to concentrate.

When the situation became unbearable, I asked the ECK and the Mahanta for help. Then I had the inner nudge to imagine I was in my grandmotherís kitchen, having one of her delicious meals. Immediately I tried it.

At that moment, I felt a loving presence. I turned to find the ECK Master Kata Daki holding a bowl of food and a spoon in her hands.

Instead of handing them to me, she indicated that I should continue to work on my project. I did as she asked. Then she began to scoop the food from the bowl with the spoon and feed me, as a mother does for a young child.

With each spoonful of food, I felt myself getting stronger. My discomfort disappeared, and soon I had enough energy to continue my work. When the bowl was empty, she left.

I felt strong and well for the rest of the day. I even completed some other tasks I had put off. A short time later, I received food and other provisions from my older brother.

Since that time, Iíve learned to appreciate food in a new way. Kata Daki not only helped me through this difficult time; her gift reminded me to be grateful for every mouthful of food I take, knowing that each is a great blessing from God. I learned once again to be grateful.

Now I consciously practice gratitude for each meal, and food has ceased to be a problem for me. Although there may be days when it is scarce, I simply remember this wonderful experience with Kata Daki, and I am grateful for all the blessings of God.

Excerpted from the 2013 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2012 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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