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ECK Masters—Lai Tsi

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Awakening to God's Light and Sound

A Spiritual Healing Opens a Nigerian Woman's Heart to the Teachers of ECK


When I was eighteen years old I became very sick. My parents took me to many different doctors and priests in search of help, but no one seemed to know what was wrong with me.

After numerous priests had prayed over me, I realized that I could probably talk to God on my own.

One day while praying, I imagined a world of great beauty. Suddenly, something shifted in my heart. It felt as though it were unlocked. During my illness it would often beat irregularly, but now its rhythm steadied and my breathing eased. I hurried to my mother to tell her what had happened. As I finished narrating my experience, a brilliant light and thunderous sound burst from my being and filled the room.

"Mother, did you see that light?" I asked. "Did you hear the sound?" The look on her face told me that what I had seen and heard were not of this world. Afraid that my vision meant I was near death, my mother began to cry.

That evening a friend came to tell me of a new doctor who might be able to help me. This doctor easily diagnosed my illness and prescribed a simple tonic.

My recovery was rapid.

A few months later I began meeting with a small, gentle man in my dreams. He wore a long beard and a maroon robe and cap. He was a very patient and understanding guide who introduced me to many other teachers during the time he worked with me.

One day I entered an ECK center. On the wall was a picture of my gentle teacher—the ECK Master Lai Tsi. "Here is the man I always see in my dreams!" I exclaimed. Everyone looked at me with understanding. It was as though they were saying, "Oh, she's just arrived. Welcome home."

Later I would recognize many of the other teachers from my dreams—Wah Z (Sri Harold Klemp's spiritual name), Rebazar Tarzs, Gopal Das, and others—all ECK Masters.

My illness and subsequent healing had opened my heart for my introduction to Eckankar. The dramatic manifestation of the Light and Sound of God had been my moment of spiritual awakening.

Those who had welcomed me to the ECK center were right. I had come home.

Excerpted from the 2006 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2005 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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