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ECK Masters—Paul Twitchell

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Encounter with ECK Masters

By Sri Harold Klemp

In the late 1960s a woman in Ohio was getting ready to make dinner for her family when she found she was out of bread. So she went down to the food store to buy some.

While she was there, she saw a book on a rack. It was The Tiger's Fang by Paul Twitchell. She bought it and the loaf of bread.

When she got home, she began to read The Tiger's Fang. It's an account of a spiritual journey that Paul Twitchell took at one time. In the book he describes the different levels of heaven. Knowing about these levels is important because in the dream state people visit them.

St. Paul said that he knew a man who was caught up even unto the third heaven. Christianity speaks of heaven and earth as if there were only one heaven. Yet St. Paul was speaking of the third heaven, which at least suggests heavens one and two. That knowledge has been lost in Christianity; they have no idea what he was speaking of, at least from my past experience as a Lutheran.

As the woman read this book, she started having inner experiences in the dream state. At first she didn't connect them with Paul Twitchell at all.

In her dreams, she began to meet a holy man named Rebazar Tarzs. He was always dressed in a maroon robe. He would show her things that related to her daily life and things that helped her spiritually. Soon after, she found out about the Eckankar organization and that it was connected with Paul Twitchell.

So she thought, OK, I'll send for some information. But when she got it in the mail and looked at it, she said, "This is just another one of those organizations that's out to rip off people." She threw the brochures away.

When she threw the Eckankar information away, she was actually throwing out Paul Twitchell too; she didn't want anything to do with any of it. But she had come to trust this holy man in her dreams, and shortly after that she had another dream with Rebazar Tarzs.

Rebazar Tarzs brought a friend along, and it happened to be Paul Twitchell.

"He's OK?" she asked Rebazar, pointing to Paul. Paul Twitchell and Rebazar Tarzs started laughing and laughing. They thought this was the most hilarious thing they'd ever heard.

Both of these ECK Masters are Vairagi Adepts, people whose only mission is to help others. The ECK Masters work not only on earth but in other worlds to help people find out about the Light and Sound of God. Their only mission, their only purpose, is to help people make their own way home to God.

So the two Masters had a good laugh. When the woman woke up, she said, "I'm going to get more information about Eckankar and Paul Twitchell." She did, and she found there was going to be a seminar in Cincinnati in September 1971.

Wanting to Meet Paul Twitchell

The woman wanted to meet Paul Twitchell in person. So that weekend she and her husband and two children went to Cincinnati.

When they got to the hotel where the ECK seminar was to be, there was a sign that said Paul Twitchell would not be speaking at the seminar. She asked someone why not. They said, "Because he died."

Death is such an absolute term. It means that's the end of everything. That's how people think of death. But in ECK we speak of this movement from the physical body to the inner worlds as a translation. You translate a story from English to German, and the story is not lost. It is changed—and I hope improved, for those people who are translating my talks at some of the seminars for me.

The family was very upset when they heard that Paul Twitchell would not be there. They had waited all this time, and her children were in one of the first children's ECK classes in Ohio. They had all wanted to meet Paul Twitchell who was the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master at the time. The woman knew so little about ECK she didn't realize that there is always a Living ECK Master on earth.

So the family went back home. Some months later, she was beginning to get her life back together, beginning to get over this great loss of her spiritual teacher, when she had another experience.

Gaze of the Master

One morning she went to a drugstore looking for an astringent called Sea Breeze. She went up to the counter and asked where it was, and the druggist told her to look back in the corner, under the sign Remedies.

So she walked over there in that area and started looking for this astringent. Try as she might, she couldn't find it on the shelves.

Suddenly she noticed an older, smallish man standing right in front of the sign Remedies. He just stood there and looked at the sign, then all of a sudden he turned and looked at her, intently looking her up and down. This is very odd, she thought. But the man kept doing it: looking at her then looking at the sign that said Remedies.

Suddenly he turned toward her, looked her full in the face, and said, "Hello there." And she said, "Hi," grinning from ear to ear as if she'd known this man from her childhood and for as long as she could remember.

She just stood there grinning, looking into his eyes, and this incredible wave of love came over her. She was filled with this stream of divine love, and it lifted her in such a happy way.

She was standing there, just soaking up all this love, when the druggist walked up. "You haven't found the Sea Breeze yet?" he said. And he started to lead her to another section of shelves, away from the old man.

When the woman turned around to look one more time at this old man who had this power of love in his eyes, he had disappeared. Where could he have gone? she wondered.

She and the druggist had taken just a couple of steps away from him. The long aisle led all the way to the other end of the drugstore. This man would have had to walk down it. But he wasn't there.

As she was looking for the man, the druggist was still looking for Sea Breeze. But he was looking where he had taken her, away from this sign. He said, "I put it here right on the shelf myself last night." When they couldn't find it, he came back to the section where this stranger had been standing, in front of the Remedies sign. "Oh, it's down here," the druggist said. "I wonder how it got here?"

It wasn't until the woman left the drugstore that she began to put it all together.

When she had seen Paul Twitchell on the inner planes in the dream state he had been in the vibrant Soul body, or sometimes in the Astral body. This is a very young-looking body that we all have. But the man in the drugstore was old.

Later she found out that at that time, Paul Twitchell was old. She had no idea how tall Paul Twitchell was; from her dreams, she thought he was six feet tall. But in the physical, Paul Twitchell was short, maybe five and a half feet tall.

She realized that meeting this Master, who had supposedly just died, or translated, had been set up especially for her so that she could have the Gaze of the Master.

Excerpted from How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12, copyright © 1995 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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