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First Connection

By Sri Harold Klemp

A woman from Australia, whose first connection with ECK was through the dream state, recently wrote to request information about the ECK teachings. In her letter she explained how her introduction to the teachings came about.

She had shared a large home with her fiancé for four years, and when the relationship broke up, she moved to a dingy little apartment. Emotionally, it was a very difficult period for her.

"Can I do something to brighten up the place?" she asked her new landlord.

"Sure, go ahead," he said. She then proceeded to clean and paint until she had turned the apartment into a warm haven from the stress of the working world.

Several months later, many of the belongings that she had brought with her from the big house were still in boxes. Now that the apartment was fixed up, she decided to begin the tedious task of unpacking.

In a box of books she came across The Flute of God by Paul Twitchell.

That's strange, she thought. She hadn't bought it, didn't remember ever seeing it before, and had never heard of Eckankar.

It was an earlier printing of The Flute of God. The cover was a pretty, pale yellow, the same color she had just painted her apartment. Turning the book over, she saw on the back cover a picture of the ECK Master Paul Twitchell.

The woman immediately recognized him. He was the man who had come to her in her dreams for the past nine months.

Just Accept the Love

The first night it happened, she was asleep when suddenly she got the feeling that someone else was in the room. Opening her eyes, she saw a light that grew brighter and brighter until it filled the entire room. In the center of this light stood a being, the man she later learned was Paul Twitchell.

He came to the side of the bed and, without touching her, held his hands above her. The power of the love of God she felt in him took away all her fear.

"Who are you?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Be quiet," he answered. "Just accept the love." And then he was gone.

He came back several more times during those months she was going through that rough emotional time in her life. When she came across the book and saw his face on the cover, she was struck by the fact that the book said he had died in 1971. Yet she knew he was alive; he had come and talked with her.

That's when she decided to write me to learn more about Eckankar.

Her letter had one date at the top. Ten days later she had added a note at the bottom: "You'll notice that I didn't mail this letter after I finished writing the first part."

She explained that a few days after she wrote the letter to me, Paul Twitchell came to her again, surrounded by light.

He said, "You now have the Light and Sound of God," and he left. After meeting Paul and experiencing the Light of God, she knew that the power of love had more meaning in her life than she had ever realized.

She knew she had to send her letter to Eckankar and find out what this was all about.

Excerpted from How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12, copyright © 1995 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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