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Behind the Scenes with Paul Twitchell

By Sri Harold Klemp

Paul Twitchell showed himself to be the master compiler of the scattered wisdom that he brought together in the path we know as ECKANKAR.

When the ancient mysteries have gone so far afield that only distorted fragments remain in the public mind, then the Order of Vairagi Adepts sends forth a chosen one from among its band to restore truth, such as it is, in the material domain.

Paul had an uncanny knack for depicting the human condition through the writings left by other authors. But he took their efforts a step further. He recast the seed ideas so they fit into a grander, more compelling spiritual framework. He artfully presented the subject of the power of imagination as Soul’s peculiar talent for survival in every universe of creation.

It is a curious thing though, to hear Paul once speak of the Halls of Los in William Blake’s poetry when Blake hardly seems to have used this phrase at all.

Blake had made an attempt to demonstrate the seeing power of Soul along the Time Track, yet it is doubtful that he ever got an image of it as concrete as Paul’s of the dead conditions of the past, which only spring to life when the light of Soul shines upon them. The closest mention Blake makes of Halls of Los is “Los’s Halls.” Yet even in doing so, Blake misses the context that puts animation into past lives spent in an otherwise lifeless, dank corridor of time.

So Paul actually captured the image behind Blake’s image and set it down as a concrete reality—an image that he isolated and identified as the heart of Blake’s gift to spiritual literature.

Los is an important contribution to the font of spiritual doctrine, for this is the creative imagination. The lord of the time-space universes snared Soul and reduced all of Its perceptive powers down to the sensations of the human body. Man thus lost his original freedom out of fear and obedience to external authority, the crippler of the poetic genius that lives within him. The divine imagination is the only faculty that can make one godlike, for it acts in keeping with the laws of ECK (Holy Spirit). Otherwise, man is doomed to the hell of his own little self.

Paul was moreover a proponent of the Law of Economy. While it is true that Alice Bailey and other occult writers have put down their opinions of it, Paul was the one who gave concise and clear reasons why one must search it out in order to have the gathering of forces that occurs in Self- and God-Realization.

This law is the divine tension behind all actions and behavior in nature so that no force is ever lost or misspent.

Initiates of the high circles in ECK unfold only to the degree to which they perceive how the Law of Economy governs the orbits of objects in every macrocosmic or microcosmic creation. This includes the cohesive atoms in the human body. This principle is the modus operandi of the ECK Masters, who pursue their missions with simplicity and grace. They reverberate to the Music of God. It compels their every impulse and deed. The greatest benefit is gotten from every expenditure of thought and energy, and whoever orders his life around an agreement with the Light and Sound of ECK is assured that every problem has a ready-made solution near at hand.

Paul swept into the corners and stirred up thought forms that had lain dormant for ages. The knowledge gleaned from the source manuscripts of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad is of paramount value to one who aspires to be a Co-worker with God. Indeed, the fountainhead from which the ECK writings spring is the Ancient Gospel compiled by the Nine Silent Ones, whose main duty it is to gather up and sort out the unchanging laws that enfold every ripple in life.

The library alongside the main Wisdom Temple at Sahasra-dal-Kanwal on the Astral Plane is an enormous place of many roomy departments.

In the archival warehouse rests a manuscript drawn from the main text of the Shariyat, which is closely guarded in the nave of the Temple of Askleposis. Paul, myself, and certain appointed writers do research from this archival material when they are writing their own books. In fact, Paul’s firm hand has dotted the left margin of this source manuscript with voluminous notes.

Paul once told of how the Unknown Masters arrange for the distribution of knowledge to all levels of understanding among people. Each topic in the Shariyat is addressed point by point—but in up to eight or more different ways—and each separate paragraph restates the gist of the core idea for another area of consciousness. Paul and the writers who get into these archives of the secret teachings select the grade of paragraph that most nearly fits the spiritual maturity of their readers.

Paul and other ECK Masters leave priceless gems of insight that await only our determination to make them living ideals, to smooth out our own dealings in life. He told of ways for the self-protection of the body and why these practical methods work.

Yet some critics may say that too much attention is being paid to Paul and the past. Why hark upon yesterday? The present is now.

True, but Paul offered a front-row seat to witness how the ECK brought him through the psychic and mind areas, which have troubled so many of us. His journey ultimately brought him the pure spiritual realization of the Mahanta, which is the natural longing of every Soul, including you.

The ECK teachings—both Paul’s writings and my own—reveal the means for unfoldment into the ECK Mastership. They are an inspiration to all who feel the flame of God urging them to tell mankind the cardinal truths of ECK.

A man of God is driven by the Spirit of God, the ECK. It is divinely merciless in how It renders the greater consciousness. And should one ever glimpse the Supreme Being ITSELF, he can henceforth live only within ITS Sound and Light. One compromises this delicate relationship only at the risk of spiritual death.

Paul gathered and compressed old esoteric concepts into a single body of writings for later distribution to devotees of God like you. The ECK teachings are hardly encompassed by any earthly manuscript, however, for truth outshines all human understanding. Our measured experience is the final voucher of truth.

At least once a day, therefore, let the Sound and Light of ECK enliven the lower states of your being with spiritual impulses.

The various levels of the mind can overreact to the rush of everyday living and make us tense and angry. A host of other negative traits try to pull us off the spiritual ladder, leaving us on edge and out of sorts. This brings more complications, and we are frantic to find magic elixirs or the cure-all of the philosopher’s stone. In our frenzy, we forget that help is as near as a few moments in contemplation with the Inner Master. Empty all problems from the receptacles of your mind, for this meeting with the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is a blessed sacrament in the Holy of Holies.

Free your mind of complexity and worry, and the silent wind of God will enter the sacred temple of consciousness in your heart. A few silent moments of attention upon the eyes of the Mahanta will calm the turbulence and give you courage. A short period of contemplation can be done anywhere, even in your car in a parking lot.

Once tensions relax, it is just moments before the healing current of ECK begins to restore you.

Fear, doubt, and uncertainty make life a dubious undertaking. As Soul grows in awareness, you will become more definite in what you want from life. That is fruit from the seed of expanding consciousness. It is the legacy of the ECK to you.

Behind the Scenes with Paul Twitchell, copyright © 1984, 1990, 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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Paul Twitchell

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