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Paul Twitchell

Twitchell, Paul. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master from 1965 until his translation from the physical in 1971; he brought the modern teachings of Eckankar to the peoples of the world through his many books, lectures, and writings; as the spiritual head of Eckankar, he brought new life and hope to thousands. [Also known as Paulji or Peddar Zaskq.]

From A Cosmic Sea of Words:
The ECKANKAR Lexicon

By Harold Klemp

Eckankar: ECK Master Paul Twitchell

The Legacy of Paul Twitchell

What was Paul Twitchell's spiritual mission, and what legacy did he leave to truth seekers? Read two astounding essays which give an inner glimpse of Paul's achievements as the modern-day founder of Eckankar.

Behind the Scenes with Paul Twitchell by Harold Klemp
Paul's unique mission, how he achieved it, and the hidden laws of life he brought to the fore of humanity's search for truth.

Paul Twitchell in Context of the Times by Harold Klemp
A frank view on Paul's journey to Mastership and the role of a dynamic living teaching in today's world.

Paul Twitchell Archive

A Spiritual and Personal History of the Modern-day Founder of Eckankar

In 1984 and 1985, Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master gave several talks about Paul Twitchell—his life and his writings—at international Eckankar seminars attended by the public and members of Eckankar.

The talks were soon released on audiotape and later published in Harold Klemp's Mahanta Transcripts book series available from Eckankar.

Links to these momentous and historical addresses to international audiences:

The Story of Paul Twitchell
(1984 International ECK Youth Conference)
A Correspondence Trail  •  Earthshaking Event  •  Unscrambling the Pieces  •  Basic Facts  •  His Own Drumbeater  •  Early Commitments  •  The Cliff Hanger  •  Touching the Face of God  •  The Living Shariyat

The Writing of Paul Twitchell
(1984 International ECK Youth Conference)
Real Communication  •  A Living History  •  Struggle for Mastership  •  Beginnings of Eckankar  •  Early Books and Discourses  •  Paul's Last Year  •  Master Compiler  •  The Real Foundation  •  Death of an Ideal  •  Another Way to Use Your Word  •  Finding Truth  •  The Inner-Plane Library System

Paul Twitchell, the Man, Parts 1 and 2
(1984 and 1985 World Wide of ECK Seminars)
Spiritual Traveler  •  A Difficult Mission  •  Eve of Translation  •  Ultimate Service to God  •  Public Relations Person  •  Paul's Seal of Approval  •  Early Training  •  The Cliff-Hanger Period  •  Ancient Science of Soul Travel  •  The Future of ECK  •  Looking at the Past for Spiritual Lessons  •  Understanding Inner Experiences  •  Drawbacks to a Strong Intellect  •  Getting the ECK Message Out  •  What Is Soul Travel?  •  Learning Spiritual Laws  •  Polishing Soul  •  The Do-Gooder Syndrome  •  The Seat of Power  •  The Power of HU  •  Reality of the Light and Sound  •  A Search for the Divine Principle  •  The Purpose of Every ECK Initiate

Paul Twitchell's Spiritual Search
(1985 World Wide of ECK Seminar)
Following a Single Path  •  Predictions Attributed to Paul  •  Free Will  •  Paul's Spiritual Search  •  Obeying Divine Spirit's Directives  •  Christ Consciousness and the Mahanta Consciousness  •  How Consciousness Grows  •  Paul Defines Eckankar  •  The Force of Love in Paul's Life  •  Desire for God-Realization  •  Working with Higher Consciousness  •  Research on Paul's Life  •  Paul's Search for Love

Personal Experiences with Paul Twitchell

The following real-life stories are by people who had extraordinary experiences with Paul Twitchell in the spiritual worlds before, and after, encountering Eckankar:

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