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A Meeting with Rebazar Tarzs

By Sri Harold Klemp

An ECK initiate wrote to me about her first meeting with Rebazar Tarzs, which took place when she was in the first grade. She is well aware that some people question the existence of the ECK Masters. They are quick to assume that Rebazar Tarzs, Fubbi Quantz, and the others whose names appear in the ECK works must have been figments of Paul Twitchell's imagination. Yet, this woman was having experiences with these ECK Masters in the early 1930s, some thirty years before Paul brought out the teachings.

Her letter also helps to explain some of the nightmares that children and adults have—and what they can do about them. People who ask me for help in ridding themselves of nightmares do not realize that what the ECK Masters want to do is to teach you how to face your own fears.

Nightmares are simply your own fears, manifested on the inner planes. As long as you are overcome by fear, you are never really free; and you will never have freedom until you learn how to face yourself.

The whole point of Eckankar is to teach the individual how to reach spiritual freedom and to go back to God in this lifetime, by way of the Light and Sound. In ECK this education is carried out through the Mahanta and through the assistance of the ECK Masters.

Her letter read:

Dear Harji,*

Every now and then we read or hear that someone is questioning the existence of the Masters of the Vairagi. But Rebazar Tarzs started teaching and guiding me when I was in the first grade. This was in the early 1930s.

My first recall of him was a series of dreams that are still as vivid now as when they were occurring. One night I found myself in a long underground tunnel. I knew there were bodies buried in the walls. At intervals there were candles burning in niches.

I heard growling and snarling behind me and turned to see a pack of vicious-looking wolves coming toward me. I turned and ran.

Being chased by creatures is a nightmare many children have. They don't realize, of course, where the creatures come from or what to do about it. The letter goes on to say:

I ran until I was so tired, but they were still behind me. I called out for help, and I heard, "Turn around and face them." I kept on running and shortly came awake.

The next night I found myself in the same place, and the wolves were still chasing me. After a while they sounded closer, and I turned to find they had gained on me.

I called out for help and saw two men. One was dark and wore a reddish-brown robe. (Later she identifies him as Rebazar Tarzs.) The other was lighter in coloring, dressed in white with a white beard. (Though she never identifies him, this was Fubbi Quantz.)

I ran toward them, but they receded in front of me. I called again for help, and the dark man said, "Turn around and face them." I thought, I've already looked at them twice—and kept on running. Soon I found myself awake again.

This went on for two more nights. I didn't ask for any more help. I just managed to stay ahead of the wolves.

On the fifth night, once again I found myself in the same situation, but this time I passed one of the candles and noticed that it flickered. So did the next one. I looked up to see that they were almost used up. Each candle I passed was the same way.

I knew I could not negotiate the rough ground and the turns in the dark. Once again I called for help, and once again the two men were there in the distance. Once again the dark man with the beard repeated, "Turn around and face them."

The thought that came was, If I'm going to die, I would rather do it in the light than in the dark. I stopped and turned to face the wolves. I looked at them for a few seconds, then they disappeared. The men who had been in the distance were now standing beside me with their hands on my shoulders, smiling at me. And then I awoke.

The next night, I found myself above ground, standing at the beginning of a long lane with trees growing on both sides. At the end of the lane was a big house with a door. The top of the door was stained glass. It had all the symbols of the different religions. There was the six-pointed star, the cross, the crescent moon, and others. There was a bright light shining behind the door. I didn't know how, but I knew what each symbol meant.

I started to walk down the lane. A priest in a black cassock came out from behind a tree and told me to turn back, the place was evil. As I stood there, I heard another voice urge me on. I recognized the voice from the tunnel with the wolves and turned. It was the dark, bearded man in the maroon robe. Where I had felt fear and danger from the priest, I felt strength, kindness, and love from the bearded man. I continued to walk toward the door then found myself awake in bed.

The next night, I was on the lane where I had left off. Once again the priest was trying to frighten me into turning back with threats of death and hell. The man in the maroon robe urged me on with love and kindness. My trust was with the bearded man with the beautiful eyes and the good strength. I walked on.

This went on for two more days until, on the fifth day, I found myself at the foot of the steps leading to the door. The priest said that if I went up and opened the door, I would burn in hell forever. The bearded man urged me to have no fear and to open the door.

I walked up the stairs and opened the door. Instead of a room on the other side, there was brilliant, white, loving light and such beautiful music. Once again, the bearded man was beside me with his hand on my shoulder. We walked into the light, then I found myself awake in bed again.

Here she switches to her outer life:

Some weeks later, I started catechism class in preparation for first communion. The nuns and the priest would often say that if someone was not a Catholic, they could never go to heaven. Each time, I was reminded inwardly of the door and what I had found behind it. That treasured friend and teacher was there to help me in the inner world of dreams and on the outer.

Then she refers to occasions where Rebazar Tarzs helped her in her outer life. Some of them are quite dramatic, though she doesn't go into great detail.

One day on the outer, he helped me save my parents from two men who had come to kill them. Another time I had just learned to swim a little that day. He talked me through so that I was able to save my cousin from drowning.

It wasn't until my sophomore year in high school, 1940–41, that I finally brought his name back from the dream state. It was Rebazar Tarzs.

I had been studying with both Jesus and Rebazar for many years. One day Jesus said—three times—that I must learn to die and that I would be studying with Rebazar.

Saint Paul referred to this in the Bible when he spoke of dying daily. That means learning to rise above the human consciousness into the spiritual consciousness. To do this, we must leave the concerns of our daily life behind for a little while every day. There is no other way to go into the high states of Spirit.

The letter goes on to say:

The next night I found myself with Rebazar again. He said that Jesus taught up to this region, but it was time to go on into other regions. Then he said, "Bless you in the name of the Sugmad," and kissed me over the Spiritual Eye.

The next night I sought out Jesus and asked about what Rebazar had said. He repeated the same thing, blessed me in the same fashion, and said, "Now return to your Master." I did, and there I stayed.

In 1970, she finally read her first book by Paul Twitchell, ECKANKAR—The Key to Secret Worlds. Not only was she surprised to run across the name Rebazar Tarzs, but to learn that Paul had met him too.

She then expressed her gratitude to the Mahanta, Rebazar, Paul, and the other Masters of the Vairagi. "My life has been so enriched by you all. Thank you," she said in closing.

*An affectionate name for Harold Klemp.

Excerpted from The Eternal Dreamer, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 7, copyright © 1992 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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