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Thirty Years Becoming an ECKist


Before 1982, I'd never heard the name Eckankar. In October of that year, I met a young lady while visiting my sisters in Gary, Indiana. She told me she was an ECKist.

My reply: "What's an ECKist?"

Well, she told me. So when I got back home to Dayton, Ohio, I picked up some materials on Eckankar. That's when it came back to me.

Thirty years before, I had met a man I could never forget. When I turned to a picture of Rebazar Tarzs in the ECK material, I said, "That's him!"

*   *   *

I was driving my cab on the night shift in Milwaukee. A call came over the radio, and I said to myself, "I want that call!" But I was six or eight miles away and figured I'd never make it in time. Still, I started driving in that direction.

Thirty-five minutes passed and still no one took the call, so the dispatcher gave it to me as soon as I came in. I will never forget the man I picked up.

I drove up to the curb, got out, opened the back door, and asked the man to get in. "No thanks," he said, "I'll sit in the front with you." When I glanced up into his eyes, they seemed to look right through me.

We started out for our destination, the North Shore Station. As we drove, he sat there and told me everything about myself, even my secret prayers—things that no human being alive could know. I felt like someone had poured hot water over me.

Before stepping out of the cab, he turned and said, "We will meet again." This was Rebazar Tarzs.

A few weeks later, a friend and I had to make a rush trip to Toledo, Ohio, through pouring rain. I was driving at speeds up to a hundred miles an hour.

Just outside the suburbs of Milwaukee, a traffic light flashed red, and I was forced to stop. Suddenly the car felt funny, and when the signal changed, it wouldn't steer!

My friend and I gave a groan and climbed out into the rain to investigate. Once glance told the story. The front wheels were sagging in different directions, totally out of control. The tie-rod had come loose.

We stood quietly for a moment, thinking about what could have happened if the rod had fallen off five minutes earlier. There would've been no way to steer!

Before we could say anything, another driver got out to ask if he could help. I explained the situation and said there was really nothing he could do. The man didn't say anything before walking back to his car, so we assumed he was leaving.

But after a moment the fellow returned, and we just stood there as he knelt beside the helpless car. After a few minutes, the man straightened up and said, "It's OK now!"

Naturally, we both bent down to look at the tie-rod as he jumped into his car and sped away. It was fixed! Shock and amazement hit both of us at the same time, and we turned to each other, saying, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

We drove the rest of the trip in silence. I kept muttering to myself that I couldn't wait to get home, get down on my knees, and thank God for saving my life. I felt that was the only way I had been spared.

As soon as I got home, I made good on my promise. I marched upstairs to my room, shut the door, and got down to pray. I remember saying I wanted to thank Him for saving my life and that I wanted proof that He heard me.

Well, I got my proof. While on my knees, It, the Spirit of God, took me out of my body. No words can describe all the things that happened in that room. When I got back into my body, I was hollering, "I believe, and I'll never doubt again!"

Then a voice chuckled, "I told you we would meet again!"

Many times after that, that inner voice helped me through difficult situations, letting me know, "I am always with you." Again, this was Rebazar Tarzs.

*   *   *

Thirty years later, after recognizing the picture of Rebazar Tarzs in the Eckankar material, I had another experience I'd like to share.

My car was hit while it was parked one night. I didn't even notice the damage till the next day, when I parked in the same spot.

So I went down to the police station and made out all the routine reports. As I walked back to my car, someone pulled into the police parking lot and parked next to a truck. Darned if the inner voice didn't speak up and say, "That truck hit your car."

So I turned around (I was through doubting this time!), went back in, and told the sergeant. Naturally he exclaimed, "How would you know?"

"Well," I replied, "just check it out." So he did, and sure enough, it was the truck.

Now you know why—after thirty years of miracles—I know ECK is for me!

Excerpted from Earth to God, Come In Please . . . , Book 1, copyright © 1991 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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