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ECK Masters—Rebazar Tarzs

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An Appearance by the Tibetan ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs


For nearly two years my sister Jane, who is a psychiatrist, had been going through the experience of being publicly maligned by the press. Quite by mistake her secretary had incorrectly billed a patient, and one of the large health insurance companies decided to use Jane as a legal test case. They took her to court and let her have it with both barrels.

Her lawyer extracted more and more money from her only to drop the case at the last minute. Upon investigation Jane found that her case was indeed indefensible and that he had been leading her down the proverbial garden path.

In our phone conversations (Jane lives in another state), I could hear the exhaustion and discouragement in her voice. She didn't know if she could get through a court appearance with lawyers hurling accusations at her. "Joyce, even though I'm innocent, I'm afraid I'll break down emotionally, which will make me look guilty."

That conversation prompted me to write her a letter with a message that came from deep within myself. I told her about the dark night of Soul—a time of desolation we experience for our spiritual benefit. I explained that it was often a turning point in our lives.

"The ECK Masters are dedicated to helping Souls through this dark night of Soul. They often appear in dreams, so examine your nightly adventures closely. I am enclosing a copy of the ECKANKAR Journal—be sure to read the article by Sri Harold Klemp in which he recommends softly singing 'HU—Mahanta' for spiritual help."

The next time I talked to Jane, she had been through her first court appearance. She mentioned that she had repeated that phrase, "HU—Mahanta," over and over to herself. It seemed to keep her mind off the negative situation. I said I was glad to hear that and asked if she could she remember any helpful dreams.

"Well, it's funny. I can't seem to remember my dreams, but my friends have gone out of their way to tell me theirs. And people have been helpful. I especially remember this unusual priest. I first noticed him looking at me in the courtroom. Later, when I went downstairs to fill out some papers, he was there too. He came over and put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'I know the trouble you are going through. It will turn out for the best.' How would he know that, since I've never seen him before?"

At that point it occurred to me to ask what this priest looked like. She gave me an exact description of the great Tibetan ECK Master, Rebazar Tarzs! I suggested that perhaps he was one of the ECK Masters of the Order of Vairagi that I had told her about.

Some weeks went by before we talked again, at which time she said, "Joyce, it's the most amazing thing! I was looking through the Eckankar Journal, and there was a picture of the priest. His name is Rebazar Tarzs!"

The postscript to this story is that Jane's trouble wasn't alleviated. She had to endure the accusations made in court and upheld by the law, and so lost her means of livelihood in that state. The strain was too much for her marriage, and it fell apart. But the last time I spoke to my sister she seemed rejuvenated. She was very excited about starting her new life on Cape Cod, which, she said, is like a dream come true. And I know I'll write her a letter from time to time from that place deep within, so we can both learn more about the mysterious ways of Spirit.

Excerpted from Earth to God, Come In Please . . . , Book 1, copyright © 1991 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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