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ECK Masters—Rebazar Tarzs

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An Out-of-Body Healing


In 1978 I had a severe accident while working for a railroad out near an Indian reservation. I was crushed between two train cars and lost one leg just below the knee. Just after the impact, my coworkers laid me on the ground, and I was instantly out of the body.

Two beings met me in that other dimension, and one of them said, "Come this way, I want to show you something."

They led me to an unusual temple. I spent forty-eight hours drifting in and out of consciousness, as they taught me. I learned about myself as a spiritual entity, that we live forever, why I'd lost my physical leg, and that I had other, nonphysical bodies: the Emotional, Mental, Causal, Etheric, and Soul forms.

Before I woke up, the beings said, "We will always be with you. Only now we will come to you in the dream state, to remind you of what you've learned."

For the next three weeks in the hospital, they met me in the inner worlds every time I fell asleep. I never paid much attention to this experience. I thought it was related to the heavy sedatives the doctors gave me. I didn't share the experience with many people.

At the end of the three weeks, they told me they would continue to teach me in the "light form." The dreams stopped, but I began to see little sparkling lights out of the corner of my vision. It was disturbing, but I still attributed it to sedative aftereffects.

Four days later I met a Blackfoot Indian family. They worked as trappers and invited me to go with them into the wilderness the following year if I got myself an artificial leg.

The following year I was guided back up to the mountains for more spiritual and physical healing. I met the family again and began a wilderness adventure with their dog team, tepee, log house, and canoes.

One afternoon I was outside working on the log house and overheard them singing a word called HU. I ran outside and told them how beautiful it was, and to please continue. They sounded so beautiful together. The father went and got a book called The Shariyat-Ki Sugmad. "If you like the music," he grinned, "maybe you should read the book. These are the scriptures of Eckankar."

Every night they sat around the lanterns and read to each other from many different books. But I never paid much attention. "I don't believe you find answers in a religious book," I scoffed. "There's no truth in them. Truth is inside."

"Well," he smiled, "I agree. But let me put it this way: You have nothing to lose. You're in the middle of the wilderness."

The first words I read when I opened the book were "the first section of these works, which was dictated by Fubbi Quantz, the great ECK Master, who serves at the Katsupari Monastery in northern Tibet."

A feeling of strange familiarity came over me. I yelled to the father, "I know this, I know this exactly! I've been to this monastery, I know what it is."

All the family started rejoicing, they were so happy. The father went to the house to get pictures of the ECK Masters.

When he showed them to me I instantly recognized one of the beings who had helped me when I lost my leg. His name was Rebazar Tarzs. From that moment on, I became a follower of Eckankar.

Without the ECK Masters' guidance, my accident would have led me into such a dark place. Instead, it brought me the light of truth.

Excerpted from the 1996 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 1995 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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