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ECK Masters—Rebazar Tarzs

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"He's Been Coming to Me for a Long Time!"

An Israeli Woman Remembers Healing and Love from a Tibetan ECK Master


I have developed a friendship with a young man living in Jerusalem. Most of his body is paralyzed. Nevertheless, he is active in various meditation and New Age groups and volunteers to help other handicapped people.

Whenever I speak with this man, he is in high spirits despite his physical problems. He is a beautiful vehicle for Divine Spirit. Because we often talk about our mutual interest in the spiritual life, one day I offered to visit him and share the divine love song of HU. After that he invited me to give introductory talks on Eckankar in his home.

At one of these meetings I read a passage from Sri Harold Klemp's book Soul Travelers of the Far Country. I passed the book around so attendees could see the pictures of the ECK Masters on the cover. A woman named Marianne became very excited.

"Who are these ECK Masters?" she exclaimed. "They came to me about twelve years ago when I was having a very difficult time." She pointed at Rebazar Tarzs, saying, "He kept coming to me for about a year. His presence gave my life a tremendous boost."

Looking at Gopal Das, she said, "He came to me several times about twelve years ago. He is very tall, right?" I confimed this from my knowledge of the ECK writings.

"When I was about twenty-six years old," Marianne continued, "I received a phone call from a man who said a friend had told him I was a very interesting person he should get to know. We arranged to meet. This man looked very much like Rebazar Tarzs. We had a brief and unusual friendship. Odd thing is, every time I went to Tel Aviv to visit him, there was a heavy downpour of rain. After about two months he disappeared from my life as suddenly as he had entered."

After Marianne became a member of Eckankar, she realized the rain had been a symbol of spiritual cleansing. Rebazar Tarzs had been saying to her, "When you have cleansed yourself, you will be able to receive the high teachings of ECK."

As for me, I recognized I might never have had the privilege of witnessing Marianne's rediscovery of the ECK Masters if I had not met my young handicapped friend in Jerusalem and shared the sacred love song of HU with him. The steps Divine Spirit takes to reach a Soul who is ready often seem roundabout, but they are more direct than we can know.

Excerpted from the 2001 ECK Spirituality Today, copyright © 2000 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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