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ECK Masters—Rebazar Tarzs

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An Unexpected Visit

A Night Visitor Helps Dispel the Mystery of Death


As my mother neared the end of her life, my husband and I decided to invite her to come live with us. She accepted, and we rearranged our home to give her a room of her own.

One night there was a terrible storm. The thunder and lightning woke me up. I wondered if it had disturbed my mother. My mother's room had a monitor so she could call me if she needed me, but it had been silent all night.

I checked on her anyway and found her fast asleep. I went back to bed and soon drifted off myself.

Suddenly, I heard something on the monitor. It sounded like movement in my mother's room. I wondered if she was trying to get out of bed by herself.

Then I heard her say "Hello," as if she were greeting someone. Was she dreaming? Then she started to count out loud, "One, two, three!" as she often did with me when I helped her out of bed.

Somebody was in her room!

Then I heard a man's voice speaking to my mother. The voice was powerful, strong, and loving. It stunned me. I noticed my dog had his ears cocked toward my mother's room. He was hearing this too!

The man said to her, "You are a beautiful woman. Rejoice, and rise up!"

I started toward her room, and suddenly all the lights went out in the house. I was in total darkness.

When I finally got to the room, my mother was asleep. No one else was there. Puzzled, I went back to bed. I wondered if Divine Spirit was sending someone to help her take the next step into a new life.

The next morning, I decided to ask her if she had any visitors in the night. She gave me a little smile and said yes.

I could tell she was scared. Her religion hadn't prepared her for the transition from life to death, and she didn't understand what was happening to her.

I asked the Mahanta to show me a way to help my mother.

A few days later, I got an inner nudge to read an issue of the Eckankar Journal. I opened to a story about the Tibetan ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs. Was he our mysterious night visitor?

A few days later, I got another nudge to ask my mother more about the man who came to visit her.

First, I showed her a picture of Jesus and asked her if that was the man in her room. She said no, it wasn't Jesus.

"Maybe it was Dad," I said. My father had died many years ago. Perhaps he was coming to help her.

"No," she laughed. "Dad was shorter and fatter. It's not him."

Then I brought her the Eckankar Journal and opened to the page with Rebazar's picture.

"What about this man?" I asked. "Did he come to visit you?"

"That's him!" she exclaimed, without hesitation.

Rebazar Tarzs was indeed my mother's mysterious night visitor.

Over the next few weeks, we had some wonderful conversations as I showed her pictures of other ECK Masters. The experience with Rebazar helped me share the ECK teachings with my mother in a way she could understand.

A short time later, she died peacefully in her sleep.

It's an amazing thing how the ECK Masters help you. Even though my mother was not a member of Eckankar, Rebazar Tarzs helped her face the fear of death. His visit helped bring us closer together and was a wonderful gift for both of us.

Excerpted from the 2008 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2007 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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