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The Five Daily Accomplishments

A Visit from an ECK Master Offers Keys to a Better Life


One sunny afternoon, I looked out my window to take in the view of the lush green valley, well-manicured fields, and rolling hills. The beautiful view filled my heart with gratitude for God’s many gifts. I decided to sit in silent contemplation and listen to the hum of a didgeridoo on CD.

As I relaxed into the chair, my thoughts touched upon the ECK Master Shamus-i-Tabriz. This ECK Master had been on my mind for a while. I had even bought a book about him to learn more about his life as a teacher of Rumi, the Persian poet.

With my attention on Shamus-i-Tabriz, the sound of the didgeridoo changed, and I fell into light contemplation.

Suddenly, I was out of my physical body and found myself sitting in the middle of a rocky desert plain surrounded by dry, rolling hills.

It was close to sunset, and the daylight was diminishing fast. Red and orange streaks filled the horizon as the sun began to set against a group of white, puffy clouds.

Directly in front of me was a small, tidy campfire. Sitting diagonally opposite me was the ECK Master Shamus-i-Tabriz.

He was wearing the familiar broad-brimmed brown hat I had seen in a portrait and sporting a colorful knitted-wool poncho to keep away the evening dampness. Although I knew him to be over eight hundred years old, he looked to be in his midthirties.

He tended the meat cooking on the fire. With a small-bladed knife, he sliced pieces from it and ate heartily. He looked up and offered me a piece as if I had been there all along.

I took it and ate with him. We sat together in the silence of the setting sun, warmed by the small campfire. Few words were spoken.

Shamus-i-Tabriz looked relaxed and at home in this world. His quiet, routine ways helped me relax in the company of this great spiritual teacher. Inwardly I knew he was about to share some insights into life with me.

“Each man has his own way of maintaining his daily connection with the Shabda, the Voice of God,” he began, as he cleaned the knife against a stone next to the fire. “Indeed, it is each Soul’s responsibility to be aware of the presence of God in their life. For myself, I like to do five things each day.”

He sat a little more upright and looked into my eyes.

“First, at the end of each day, eat until you are full. Then take time to allow your meal to digest before sleep.”

He broke into a smile at the sight of my puzzled face. It was a joke I didn’t understand at first. I hadn’t expected a discourse on eating and digesting. He quickly became serious again and explained his meaning.

“At the end of an evening, digest all the spiritual lessons and divine truths God brings to you. Allow each one to touch the depths of your heart, for this is how wisdom and understanding are gained.

“Second, during each and every day, drink as much water as you can, especially in midsummer. In the desert, one never knows when or where his next drink will come from.”

I realized this practical information again hinted at an ancient truth, but I couldn’t quite fathom it.

He continued, “What I mean is this: Drink heartily of the Voice of God. Take in as much as you can, for the cycles of life constantly turn, and the measure of Light and Sound you can accept will vary. One never knows what spiritual tests the Lord may bring, so drink heartily of the living water. Set aside plenty of time to listen solely to the silent sounds of God as they resonate through the heart of Soul, calling It back to the God center.

“Third, speak the sacred names of God continuously to yourself, from the moment you awaken to the moment you, Soul, leave this physical body during sleep. Be mindful to speak the holy names with affection and reverence. Allow God’s love to be your all-consuming aspiration.

“Fourth, take with you on your journeys something you value. Appreciate its worth, and when the moment is right, pass it on to another without regret. In this way, you will help to reciprocate God’s constant love. Such selfless daily acts help build spiritual vitality and a humble character. It will help you to remember there are many just like you who are also worthy of God’s love.

“Fifth, rejoice and thank God often for all that you see and do in life. Life is indeed a wonderful gift; use its blessings wisely. No greater bond exists than God’s love for Soul.

“If you can accomplish these five practices each day, God’s love will forever fill your world. By so doing, you will be more than a student of life. You will be the divine lover of life who dances daily to the rhythm of its fiery light in service to the Lord of Lords.”

As the campfire burned brightly before my eyes, I found myself rising out of the scene. The ancient hum of the didgeridoo was still playing on the CD as I returned to the comfort of the lounge chair.

I realized the five daily accomplishments of Shamus-i-Tabriz were personal keys to help enrich my spiritual life. He was showing me how to attain my spiritual best.

Now, it is up to me to take spiritual action and use them daily. He showed me there is always another step toward spiritual refinement.

The entire experience occurred in the space of perhaps one or two physical minutes, but the keys I received will last me a lifetime.

Excerpted from the 2011 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2010 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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