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ECK Masters—Towart Managi

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Meeting ECK Master Towart Managi


I bought Towart Managi's portrait at the 1999 ECK Worldwide Seminar. When I got home, I took a good look at it. He seemed familiar. Then a few days ago in contemplation I asked the Mahanta to help me meet Towart Managi in person. I found myself being introduced to Towart Managi and taken to the Shariyat on the Mental Plane. The Shariyat glowed white and the words came in my mind:

It is about love,
always love.
Do everything
with love.
Do what you love to do.


You were there
when we created
the stars, the worlds,
the universes.
We created all life,
all beings, all things
with love.

Once more in contemplation I asked if I could return again with you both to this volume of the Shariyat. Again the white glow and the words in my heart:

Love is the only thing
worth speaking or
Love is the key
to understanding all things.
Loving ourselves
is our gift to God.
Gratitude for his love
to us.
There is only us.
We are all holy.
Self-Realization is
knowing and living,
who we are . . .

The Mahanta,
the Ancient One,
returns again and again
in one body or another
to show us love,
to remind us
of who we are.

Thank you, Sri Harold, for the privilege of being able to meet Towart Managi and see the Shariyat he guards.

Excerpted from the Mystic World (a publication for ECK members), copyright © 2000 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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Meeting ECK Master Towart Managi

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