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ECK Masters—Towart Managi

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The Reality of the ECK Masters

A Surprise Meeting with Towart Managi Brings a Special Gift


Many years ago, I wondered about the validity of the Vairagi ECK Masters. Were they real? Could I meet with them?

Eventually, with the Mahanta's patience and love, the veil of illusion opened enough for me to learn that the Vairagi ECK Masters are as real as I am.

One morning at an Eckankar regional seminar in Port Harcourt, I was practicing one of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. During my contemplation, I felt the presence of my inner guide, Wah Z, enter the room.

At first, I kept my eyes shut and continued to practice the exercise. Then the spiritual vibration in the room became very high.

Inwardly, Wah Z prompted me to open my eyes and look around. I turned to my left, and there was an elderly black man sitting on the white cushion chair in my hotel room.

Instantly I recognized him as the ECK Master Towart Managi.

His hair and beard were white. Though elderly, his eyes were shining and penetrating. He was also wearing a white robe.

I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I was. In his presence, a feeling of warmth and happiness welled up inside me. I heard the ECK Sound Current growing louder.

Towart Managi sat in silence for a while, just looking at me with a steady gaze. Finally he said, "I am just a passerby." Then he fell silent again while still gazing at me with his piercing brown eyes. It was as if he was watching and listening for something. A few moments later, he disappeared.

Immediately, I grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote down the experience. I didn't know why I'd been given such a wonderful opportunity to meet this Master, but I was very grateful. I thanked God, the Holy Spirit, and the Mahanta for such a wonderful gift.

After the experience, I felt lighter and happier. I had realized for myself that I was always in the company of ECK Masters. I now had a burning desire to serve the ECK in a greater way than ever before.

As I got ready to go to the morning seminar program, I got a call from two ECKists. They said they wanted to ask me some questions about the ECK teachings, so I invited them to the hotel room to talk.

When they arrived, the two women each took a seat, one of them in the same white chair Towart Managi had sat on earlier.

When they were comfortable, the lady on the white chair asked, "Are you sure these ECK Masters are real? Or are they just made-up stories?"

Inwardly, I smiled to myself. Now I understood why Towart Managi had chosen this morning to visit.

I replied that the ECK Masters of the Vairagi are very real, and through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, we can meet them for ourselves. Then I shared my story of seeing Towart Managi that morning.

Both ladies were excited to hear about the experience. When I told the lady in the white chair that Towart Managi had sat in her seat, she happily made herself more comfortable in the chair.

My meeting with Towart Managi was a gift for all of us. I was so grateful that I could be a channel for the ECK.

Excerpted from the 2010 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2009 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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