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Miracle Healing at Five

Hit-and-Run Brings an ECK Master into My Life


When I was five, I loved playing football. One day after a game, as I ran across the road on my way home, a car ran over my left foot. I looked in horror at my foot. No one heard my screams; the driver of the car had driven off, oblivious to the accident.

I sat alone, alongside the road next to the gutter, moaning in pain. How was I ever going to get home? Suddenly a soft, beautiful blue light enveloped my foot. At the same time, I heard a comforting voice:

"Don't worry, the pain will go away."

At the tender age of five, I accepted this assurance with joy and innocence. I got up and walked home.

When I got home and my old uncle saw the torn flesh on my foot, he shouted in alarm. Quick as lightning, he poured half a bottle of iodine on the wound. The pain was so intense that I fainted.

While unconscious, I saw a bald man dressed in a maroon robe standing beside me, peering at my injured foot. In the same voice that I had heard by the roadside, he advised me to wash my foot with clean water. "You will be all right," he said gently.

When I opened my eyes, I was sure I must have been dreaming. There was no one in the room with me. I crept into the bathroom and gently cleaned the wound with cold water from the tap as I had been instructed. All the while, I could feel some unseen force guiding my hand. The soft blue light once again whirled around my poor foot. I felt loved and lighthearted.

Before long, the foot had healed and the skin was back to normal. It was only many years later that I learned the bald man who had healed my foot was the ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi. He had protected me for many years before I found Eckankar!

Excerpted from the 2001 ECK Spirituality Today, copyright © 2000 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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