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My Adventure into Life

Patience and Persistence Leads to Soul Travel Success


Soul Travel was one of the high points that attracted me to the teachings of Eckankar. I had always known it was possible to be out of my body. But how? I didn't know until I came across Eckankar late in 1984 and started attending an ECK book discussion class.

I had a strong desire to travel in the Soul body, but the harder I tried, the more frustrated I became. Nothing seemed to be happening. Yet I persisted.

One Saturday afternoon in January 1985, while alone in my bedroom, I decided to give Soul Travel another try. I lay on my back in bed, closed my eyes, and began to sing HU, an ancient love song to God.

After a while, I felt my heart opening. Then a rushing wind. My physical body seemed to dissolve as I was lifted out of it. I became aware that I was flying high in the sky, feeling the presence of the Inner Master riding on the wind with me.

Suddenly I was afraid. I stopped singing HU. Inwardly, I shouted to the Inner Master, "Mahanta, Mahanta, bring me down." But he encouraged me to keep going until we came to a brilliant white city and entered a domed, glowing-white building. Inside, a bald, rugged-looking man welcomed me, encouraging me to feel free to return any time.

At once, I was back in my physical body. Later in my ECK studies I recognized this being as Yaubl Sacabi, head of the spiritual city of Agam Des. I had traveled to Agam Des without even knowing of its existence!

This first experience in Soul Travel taught me to keep my fear in check. Fear had robbed me of the full conscious enjoyment of this experience. Fifteen years later, I am more comfortable with Soul Travel. I no longer resist when this phenomenon is at the rim of my consciousness. I just flow along with one of the ECK Masters who has come to take me on a spiritual journey.

I can't claim I have mastered Soul Travel. Absolutely not. But I am working daily to become more proficient in this spiritual technique, which is increasing my awareness on the inner planes, as well as on the physical plane.

What is the joy of being in ECK? For me it is my personal relationship with the Mahanta, the Inner Master, as he leads me through such experiences in the Light and Sound of ECK toward spiritual freedom in this lifetime.

Each spiritual adventure is a step into a fuller life.

Excerpted from the 2003 Eckankar Journal, copyright © 2002 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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