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Yaubl Sacabi

Yaubl Sacabi. YEEOW-buhl sah-KAH-bee The ECK Master among the Mycenaeans (who invaded Greece during the period between 2000–1700 BC); he was the leading figure among the Greek mystery cults and is now the guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the sacred book of ECK, in the spiritual city of Agam Des, the home of the Eshwar-Khanewale, the God-eaters. He served as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

From A Cosmic Sea of Words:
The ECKANKAR Lexicon

By Harold Klemp

Eckankar: ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi

A Personal Experience with Yaubl Sacabi

Here's a true story about someone who met Yaubl Sacabi years before finding Eckankar.

A Friend for Life

By Sri Harold Klemp

Jenny was only seven when she had her first experience with the ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi. This was years before she heard of the ECK teachings. She'd often felt useless, unloved, and unwanted until the night the ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi appeared to her in a dream.

Jenny became aware of standing beside Yaubl in a desert near a small trader's encampment. A dust storm swept in; people scurried for shelter. Nearby she spotted a little man trying to get stubborn camels to move, but they refused to stir. He cursed them roundly. When that failed to work, he cursed his son.

"Where's that useless son, Yaubl?" he shouted.

Then muttering to himself, he said, "I hoped he would take over the family business and make something of himself. But he's always off with his head in the clouds."

Seven-year-old Jenny cringed as she listened to Yaubl Sacabi's father calling him useless. Yaubl turned to her and said, "Everything I have, I will always give to anyone who needs it." Not till years later did she read a similar thought in The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad: "Give the ECK Master all that you have, and he will give you all he possesses!"

The sentiment made a strong connection for her. She understood he would help her understand what her dreams meant and much more besides.

The girl looked up at the sturdy, rugged, but kindly ECK Master. He towered over her. A bald head, broad face, and squared shoulders lent the very appearance of strength, quite a different being from the youth whose father had once railed so mightily against him. After that first dream meeting, Yaubl would speak to her many times during childhood in the dream state, but it was always above the noisy background of his father's angry scolding. It was in those stormy settings that Yaubl Sacabi gave the spiritual wisdom of ECK (Holy Spirit) to Jenny, who felt useless and unwanted.

On the inner planes, ECK Masters appear to people in a way they can understand, to offer the wisdom of the ages.

Excerpted from Those Wonderful ECK Masters by Harold Klemp, copyright © 2005. All rights reserved.

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