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ECK Activities

Eckankar is a nonprofit religious organization and church with members in more than one hundred countries. Its international headquarters are on the Eckankar Spiritual Campus in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

To meet ECKists near you and find out about local ECK activities, visit Eckankar around the World. Or check your phone book for Eckankar. If there is no listing, contact us.

You are invited to join in the following ECK activities:

  • ECK Light and Sound Services. They offer you a chance to celebrate the experience of the Light and Sound of God. About an hour long, services may include music, talks, and panel discussions.
  • Introductory presentations. Members of Eckankar share how the ECK teachings have helped them in their lives.
  • Book discussion classes. Joining a discussion on an Eckankar book can help you see how Divine Spirit guides and helps you in your life. There may be an online book discussion class open now.
  • Major ECK seminars. A golden opportunity to hear Sri Harold Klemp speak. Workshops, talks, and creative arts aid your spiritual growth.
  • Regional seminars. Regional ECK seminars are held throughout the world. There may be one given by ECKists in your area.
Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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