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The Spiritual Benefits of Eckankar

Reaching Your Highest Spiritual Potential

Did you know you can resolve all your earthly karma in this lifetime? That the spiritual achievements of the great saints and mystics are available to everyone? With the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master as your guide on the path of Eckankar, you can scale spiritual heights—while living an involved, responsible life in your home and community.

The ECK teachings place you on an advanced track back home to God. Experiencing the Light and Sound of God gives you the momentum to start working off all the karma that has held you back from spiritual freedom and true happiness.

As a wayshower (not a savior), the Living ECK Master gives you all the help necessary to walk your path to Self-Realization and, ultimately, God-Realization. You don't have to wait lifetimes to work off your karma—it is possible here and now through Eckankar.

There's no need to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle. You'll get spiritual training and experience, including the ECK discourses. They are by the Living ECK Master and carry a power and wisdom far beyond the written word.

Explore the many benefits:

  • Experience a deeper personal relationship with God.
  • Receive inner and outer guidance from a true spiritual master.
  • Pursue an advanced study of past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel.
  • Get out of karmic debt, grow, and achieve spiritual liberation in this lifetime.
  • Experience miracles in your everyday life.
  • Connect with a spiritual community of people who share your desire for truth.

As a student of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, I have experienced more love and beauty and understanding of life on every level—physical, mental, and spiritual—than I could ever have dreamed of. . . .

    The works of ECK have given me the opportunity to experience God directly, in this lifetime. These experiences are too personal to refute and are the essence of the truth I follow. . . .

    They have changed my conscious view of life and of myself, deeply and profoundly, and have made me a better person, better father, husband, employee, and member of my community.

—Ontario, Canada

Video . . .

Short talk by Harold Klemp on: The Benefits of the Secret Path to God.

(4 min., 32 sec.)

Eckankar is the clearest discipline for the Light and Sound of God. After twenty-five years of reading, meditating, and being initiated by a guru, I was still not feeling as if progress was being made. The Living ECK Master was missing.

—Oregon, USA

I have Soul Traveled using the HU Song and found a connection and trust with the Mahanta.

—Stuttgart, Germany

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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