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ECK Discourses

The ECK discourses are written with a secret, internal rhythm that gradually unfolds your consciousness in a very precise and orderly manner.

When you become a member of Eckankar, you receive a discourse series for your personal study. You study one lesson a month, sharing them with your family if you like.

The Easy Way Discourses are a portal for you to enter the secret worlds that exist beyond our cosmos, the higher regions so well known to the ECK travelers and the saints of old.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Monthly lessons to study

Spiritual training and experience come in many ways with Eckankar membership. You receive a year-long discourse series written by the spiritual leader of Eckankar for your personal study. You can also study with others in an ECK Satsang (spiritual study) class to share experiences, insights, and questions.

Each month you will read a discourse on another facet of the ECK teachings. Each lesson in the first year has a spiritual exercise for you to try.

The first year of ECK study is devoted to The Easy Way Discourses. The titles of the twelve Easy Way lessons are listed in the sidebar.

There are currently seventeen years of ECK discourses for you to explore. Some of these ECK discourses are also in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

The discourses include:

  1. The Easy Way Discourses
  2. The ECK Dream 1 Discourses
  3. The ECK Dream 2 Discourses
  4. Letters of Light & Sound 1
  5. Letters of Light & Sound 2
  6. Soul Travel 1—The Illuminated Way
  7. Soul Travel 2
  8. The Secret Way
  9. The Precepts of ECKANKAR
  10. The ECK Satsang Discourses, First Series
  11. The ECK Satsang Discourses, Second Series
  12. The ECK Satsang Discourses, Third Series
  13. The ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series
  14. The Master 1 Discourses
  15. The Master 2 Discourses
  16. The Master 3 Discourses
  17. The Master 4 Discourses
Eckankar: The Easy Way Discourses

Lesson Titles . . .

  1. The Easy Way
  2. In Soul You Are Free
  3. Dream On, Sweet Dreamer
  4. Karma—It All Comes Back in the End
  5. Reincarnation—Why You Came to Earth Again
  6. Your Initiations in ECK
  7. The Master Principle
  8. Can We Live in a World without Love?
  9. The God Worlds—Where No One Has Gone Before?
  10. Ask the Reason, Say BeCAUSE
  11. Mind Stuff and the Art of Listening
  12. Putting It All Together
Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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