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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth

Dream Healing


My family was grieving over three deaths in short order. Then, on New Year's Eve, my brother died a tragic, sudden death. How could I cope with another loss?

On the eve of my brother's funeral, I asked the Inner Master to give me strength in the days ahead. That night in a dream I met my brother in a large white ballroom. We waltzed while the Dream Master looked on.

The next morning I felt calm and at peace within. It reassured me of my strength to face my brother's funeral with confidence and courage.

After the funeral I postponed my return trip and sent my family on ahead. I wanted to spend time with my mother. We had all pitched in two days before to help her dispose of my brother's belongings, but there were a few remaining items.

As my mother and I sorted through them, Mom's grief soared. It almost overwhelmed me. As I tried to comfort her, my thoughts went back to my dream. How could I tell her my brother was fine? That there was no cause to be concerned, for he was happy?

Suddenly she stopped weeping. She walked into my brother's room, sat down, and put her head in her hands. I sat quietly beside her, feeling powerless and inadequate.

When she finally looked up at me, her words of bewilderment told me she'd forgotten what had transpired in the past few days. I slowly talked to her about the events of the tragedy, and she nodded in recognition. But something had just occurred here beyond what I could see or understand, so I asked her to tell what she had seen or felt.

To my amazement, my mother confided that just moments ago she'd had a vision. It was so vivid. It had banished all sense of time and physical reality.

"I saw your father and several other deceased relatives," she said. "They were celebrating joyfully. I also heard your brother's voice join in with them, even though I couldn't see him."

"Then he spoke to me!"

As I listened and watched her acknowledge the reality of her experience, her face softened. A peaceful calm swept over her. I knew the Inner Master had helped not only me but my loved ones deal with my brother's death.

Excerpted from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, copyright © 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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