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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth

Dreaming on the Job


Recently, for the first time in my fifteen years as a building contractor, I got a paper cut from a set of plans I was working with. It barely caught my attention until it happened again, not just twice, but three times.

One of the ways Divine Spirit speaks to us is through the little events of daily life, but we have to pay attention. In Eckankar, we call these experiences waking dreams. When I pay attention, it doesn't take three tries to reach me, but when I'm busy or under stress, sometimes Spirit has to keep trying.

After mulling over the repeated paper cuts, I recognized that they were telling me to cut my bid for the job I was bidding on. My price is already as low as I can go! I argued to myself. But the nudge persisted. I decided to ask my spiritual guide, the Mahanta, to show me how to lower the bid—and still stay in business!

That evening, I did a spiritual exercise before drifting off to sleep. I silently asked the Mahanta how I could lower this bid.

That night I dreamed that my foreman was working on a job. I noticed he was doing all the work himself, so I pitched in to help him. When I awoke and wrote the dream in my dream journal, I realized I had received my answer. I could perform some of the manual labor myself. This would allow me to lower the bid. I did this, and we got the job.

I've been a student of dreams in Eckankar for over two years now. This experience demonstrated to me in a very real way how the guidance and love of the Holy Spirit and the Mahanta come to us in both the waking and sleeping states to help us smooth out the rough spots of life.

Excerpted from Stories of Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, copyright © 2006 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth

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