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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Soul Travel

A Spiritual Ecstasy: A Divine Melody Brings Total Liberation

By Sri Harold Klemp

A chela [ECK student] in Africa lay down in bed, covered his ears with pillows, then listened for the Sound of ECK. Listening for this holy Sound is very much a spiritual exercise. Like a sweet, though rushing wind off in the distance, this divine melody seemed at once both near and far. In fact, it was inside him. Soon came the sensation of a gentle tugging at the top of his head. He stayed calm. Then came a total liberation from his human shell.

In the magnificent Soul body, surrounded by love and goodwill, he hovered over his human form in bed with wonder.

"The whole of this space was lighted with shimmering atoms and bright giant and small stars," he said.

He studied his appearance. To his great joy, he found the radiant Soul body alive with energy and power.

Now he sang "Sugmad" [another word for God] in a gentle lullaby. Thereupon he knew that all the glittering atoms and stars were a part of him. As he sang, energy began to vibrate from inside him, flowing out to sustain all things and beings in this unending universe of stars. What tremendous love and mercy he felt for all beings in this expanse of light!

A great Sound now arose from his breast. It touched and granted bliss, life, and power to all in his worlds. That, in turn, lifted him into a spiritual ecstasy, due to his act of giving love and mercy to all.

Now and again the ecstasy returns.

The experience was one of brief homage to Sugmad (God). It still enriches his life in every way.

Excerpted from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, copyright © 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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