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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Reincarnation and Past Lives

Pop's Reincarnation


As a member of Eckankar I often wondered how to prove reincarnation to myself. Were my flashbacks of previous lives just imagination?

Some time ago, my father translated (died). I didn't attend his burial service but was honored to be present inwardly as he awoke in the Astral world. Before long he was up and about, learning about his new home in the inner worlds.

Ever so often I would stop in during my spiritual contemplations to see how he was. It was amusing to find that the spiritual principles we had discussed before his death were becoming a reality for him now.

These inner visits went on for about ten months. But one day when I stopped by to chat with Pop, he wasn't in. At first I thought he'd just gone off to explore and would return. But when I asked the Inner Master, he said Pop was preparing for another incarnation on earth. I was surprised but realized that as Soul, Pop must continue on.

One day at work I heard a soft voice inside telling me to watch for my father's incarnation in a few months. I wondered about this. I couldn't think of any woman I knew who was pregnant.

Then I remembered meeting a young couple just after my dad's translation. We'd become fast friends; I felt I had known them for years. She was pregnant now, and I had a knowingness that Dad would return as her baby.

I went to visit my friend the day she came home from the hospital. Everyone was crowded around the baby when I arrived. Catching my first glimpse of the newborn, I noticed his physical structure was like my dad's former human body. The child had the same unmanageable fine hair and yellowish complexion that ran in our bloodline.

In silence, I welcomed this Soul back as I picked up the baby. With intent alertness, his little untrained eyes made an effort to focus on me. I touched his Third Eye with my forefinger. A golden light radiated outward and engulfed his entire head, as his three-day-old baby face twisted into a lopsided grin of recognition.

He strained to move his vocal cords. With a great effort he screamed out my nickname! His new parents were speechless. A ripple of love spread through the room, and we all began to laugh.

In that moment, a wealth of information passed between the baby and me. It was an instant swapping of information, Soul to Soul. One thing I sensed was that Dad felt scrunched up in that tiny body!

I keep track of this Soul through his parents. When I drop by for a visit every so often and he hears my voice, a familiar, lopsided grin brightens his face in welcome.

Excerpted from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel by Harold Klemp, copyright © 2003 Eckankar. All rights reserved.

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